Snoe Beauty

Jun 23, 2013

Sometimes we find the good things in the unexpected times.

I was already on my way out of Robinson's Pala-pala the other day after dropping off Sam when I saw this booth of Snoe. I knew there was a booth of skin care/cosmetics products there before but I never knew it was Snoe.

I've read Snoe from the different blogs and from Candy magazine if I'm not mistaken. I had a fair knowledge of their prices and I know it was reasonable because the products are organic and locally made.

I approached the stall and started to just look around the products. The lady in charge,, Ate Tricia, asked me what I was looking for and I simply answered, "I'm just looking around."

Honestly, I didn't have any intention of buying anything that day. But as I kept asking questions regarding the products, I was somehow convinced to actually buy one item and try it out. I wanted to buy this loose powder I once saw in Trinoma but it was for 250 pesos. I remembered I still have three loose powders here so I told her I might just come back for it when my existing powders finish. She introduced this facial scrub and made me smell it.

The apple scent just really got me. I asked for the price (179php) which was affordable so I confirmed I'll get one. As she was preparing my receipt, I still kept asking questions about the other cosmetic products and this particular cheek tint. Next to it was the soap which may gave given her the idea to offer the whitening soap. She particularly endorsed this black beauty soap (199php) that according to her, is their best-seller. She explained to me how effective it was and that it will not leave me with dry skin.

I didn't confirm right away because I was quite worried. I've used other whitening soaps before and it gave me allergies. The only soap I'm using is Likas Papaya but upon remembering it's almost finished, I decided to take the black beauty soap and might as well just try it out.


Before she completed the receipt, she instructed me how to use or apply the items I bought. She was very friendly and helpful. Those are the kinds of salesperson that should be put in stalls/shops! Thanks Ate Tricia.

As soon as I got home, I researched about the products I bought and I was so happy to know that the products are really effective. I can't wait to try them out! I plan to start using them on tomorrow!

Just like what I said in the beginning of this blog post, we find good things in the unexpected times. I guess, sooner, when I least expect it, I'll finally meet the man of my dreams too. CHOS! Hahaha!!!

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