Henann Garden Resort (formerly Boracay Garden Resort)

Jun 20, 2013

It was our first domestic trip last May in Boracay and I must say, the hotel we stayed in did not fail to satisfy us after being disatisfied with our flight with Cebu Pacific. Thanks to Boracay Garden! (Now Henann Garden Resort)

Front of the hotel
The Hotel Entrance

Front Desk
It is located in station 2 and rooms are about 5 minutes walk to the beach. It is also near McDonalds and Talipapa. However, it is about 20 minutes walk to d'mall.

Way going to the main road. Way also going to Talipapa (just next street).
Way to the beach. Also the way to McDonalds.
My mom did all the booking and reservations through online and she only asked me to deposit our payment in any BPI Banking Corporation.

The room my mom chose was a premier room that has two queen sized beds and a balcony. Since she booked early, we were able to get some discounts and choose the floor of our room. We spent around P20,000+ for our hotel. Not bad honestly because for our 4 days stay, it was really worth it!

The P20,000+ cost includes 4 days buffet breakfast for 3 adults, round-trip transfers via Caticlan Airport with government fess for 3 adults and complementary use of hotel fitness center and the swimming pools. Definitely worth it!


That's how our room bathroom looks like. I don't know if it is the same as the other rooms but I'm happy to find out that our bathroom is big enough. Ang sarap tuloy maligo. Hehe.

Boracay Garden has a four pools. The other pool near the lobby (on the right side from the entrance and left side of this photo) was closed during our stay because they were renovating the building/rooms near it. The pools are great. The space of the hotel is big and relaxing unlike the other hotels we saw as we were walking pass them. My mom is very glad she chose Boracay Garden. I personally believe it's even better than Boracay Regency.

Going to our room
Way to the beach

Entrance from the beach

My parents never take me to buffets because I don't eat a lot mainly because most of the meals offered are the ones that I do not eat. Surprisingly, whenever we go to the Garden Cafe for our breakfast (and sometimes dinner), I was always the last to finish because I keep coming back. I really love their foods! Some of those, I don't eat but I tried because it looks delicious. And it is tasty! Maybe if I stayed there for more than a week, I would definitely be gaining weight.

Garden Cafe

Breakfast Buffet
My breakfast: Corn beef, chicken, fish fillet wrapped in bacon
Garden Cafe at night... that's my mom standing. Hehe
Soup area
One of my dinner
I wasn't able to take a photo of the other plates I had in our buffet but one thing I assure you, the Garden Cafe will not offer the same menu. They will always surprise you with the delicious meals every day.

I recommend this hotel for those who wants a spacious place to stay in. It may be a little pricey compared to the others but their services, rooms and location are worth it. And I truly admire the hospitality of the staff there. They are very accommodating and always smiling. The positive attitude of the staff are just amazing.

View from our balcony. That's my dad, enjoying his time in the pool.

By the way, some friendly reminders:
  • They allow you to bring food inside the rooms. But no liquor.
  • They have two booths near the two main pools where you can borrow beach towels (green ones). But don't worry, they have bath towels (white ones) available in the rooms too.
  • They do not allow guests to swim in the pools wearing cotton clothing. They say that cotton fibers sometimes clog their pump pool system which causes faults so to avoid this, you must wear proper swimming attires. It doesn't have to be a bikini or trunks; attire needs to be made of this particular fabric swim wears usually have.
  • They highly discourage guests to have henna tattoos for it will stain their bed sheets (because they are all white). If you stained the bed sheets with your henna, you might be paying much more than your total cost for the hotel.
        For other inquiries, you can contact them through:
Thank you Boracay Garden for the wonderful experience you've given me and my parents on our first Boracay trip. We would definitely recommend you to our family and friends. Kudos to your team there!


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  2. I've never been to boracay before. every time my friends will ask me to come with them I'm not available, and every time I'm available they aren't.

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