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Jul 10, 2013

        Hollah! So I have been away from blogger because of many reasons; one of which is my online shop.
        I had been an online seller since 2009. I first started selling vintage necklaces from a supplier I met in After a while, when my mother allowed me to go to Divisoria, I found that the necklaces my supplier was selling were a lot more cheaper there so I started buying from there ever since.
        I'm a compulsive buyer. When I see things and vision it would sell or that I like it, I would risk my allowance just to buy it. So I had a lot of stocks of garments, accessories and coin purses because of that buying behavior.

        I wasn't able to focus on my online shop because of my studies. But after graduation this year, upon cleaning and reorganizing my room, I found again my stocks and decided to sell them.

        From Baul ni Lola, Your BFF, and now, Fashion Bulletin... I'm happy that even though I started all over again (made new Facebook page, searched and gained new contacts, etc), I was able to earn quickly. I was very happy. It motivated me to focus on this more.

        As a marketing/advertising graduate, we were taught of how important BRANDING is so to start off, I had to establish my online shop's name by creating a logo, a name, a tagline, and an internet presence.

        I inquired with Papelito about their printing services but as stated in her email, she had a lot of orders for the following months and that I had to wait after all those orders to finish before she could process mine. Estimating the wait, I had no choice but to do the printing services I needed. I will make a blog post about the things I do for my online shop. I believe it could help some of the sellers that are just starting too.
        I've always dreamed of owning a fashion boutique. I know that through this online shop, I could make that happen... step by step, I will make it happen. That's the spirit! :p

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