Fashion Bulletin: Vintage Collection

Jul 17, 2013

In a few minutes time, I will be posting my online shop's vintage collection. It consists of cardigans, vests, a dress, and some blouse. This is just a trial so it's just about 10 items.

You're probably wondering why I said that this was a trial. I remember back then when I started my online shop as Baul ni Lola, I was offering  vintage things like accessories and apparels but somehow, it didn't click. So for now, I will see how this collection goes. And if it goes well, then I'll probably purchase more of the vintage things. I'm really a vintage lover; you have no idea how I go gaga with vintage stuff. Hehe.

These are some of the items I will be posting in my online shop. Hehe. If you're a follower or a friend of mine in Facebook, then you're lucky to have a peek of the items. Hehe.

And for everyone who is wondering what apps I used with the photos, here they are:

  • VSCOcam *T1 effect* (for the vintage look of the photos)
  • Insta Frames (photo collage)

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