First time to WIN a GIVEAWAY! YEY!

Jul 16, 2013

        I truly can't believe I have won this giveaway from Horses of Ares and everyone else who were part of the giveaway! This is the first time I will win a blog giveaway and I'm just really overwhelmed.

        I just saw the blog giveaway from Mary's blog page when I was checking her new posts. I just tried... like what I usually do with the other blog giveaways I come across to. I really didn't expect to win!

        The other afternoon, from work, I got an email from the blogger herself Ms. Adriana Madrigal and told me I won! These were my prizes:
        Could you believe this? I WON! I effin' won! YAHOOOOOO!

        I just really would like to thank Mary for posting that giveaway and I must give appreciation to the bloggers that came up with this kind of giveaway. At least, we are getting to know more bloggers.

        Again, to all of you, thank you so much!

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