Kenny Rogers Favorites!

Jul 3, 2013

Last night, after I watched Four Sisters and a Wedding, I decided to have my dinner in the mall; I chose Kenny Rogers. Since I have cold, I couldn't taste much and so I just ordered the Grilled Fish (Basa) with a side dish of Corn and Carrots. I also ordered a Chicken Soup Noodle.

I was surprised that my order was served earlier than I expected. As I was eating my fish and as I reach the middle part of the fish, I noticed the stickiness of the fish. It was unusual because I always order that meal and it was never like that.

When one of the crew handed me this survey form, I asked her if the fish was just pre-heated or what because it was really different from what I used to order. She wanted to take my plate but I was almost done so I just told her that I just wanted to give her/them a feedback about my ordered meal.

A few minutes later, a guy named Bryan Calpo (or Calco, I forgot, geez!) approached me and asked what was wrong. I showed him the fish and after giving my feedback, he quickly offered that he'd give me another fish. I told him it was okay and that I just wanted them to note it down for improvement. He insisted and as he said... "Let me make it up to you po Ma'am. Mukha po kasing hindi pa totally luto yang fish. I will note your concern but please do allow me too to give you another grilled fish, kahit po itake out nyo na para naman po hindi sayang yung ibabayad  nyo sa amin." He had a point because there were a lot of left over on my plate.

("Let me make it up to you Ma'am. Looks like the fish wasn't fully cooked. I will note your concern but please do allow me too to give you another grilled fish; you can take it home instead so that the money you'll pay us would be worth it.")

I never expected that he would really give me another meal. It was a nice initiation to offer a customer a complimentary meal to make up for a mistake in their service. He insisted because he knew,just by seeing my plate, that I didn't enjoy my dinner. I didn't have to tell him that. He was smart enough to realize that. And for that, I give two thumbs up to you Mr. Manager.

Just to clarify, I'm giving him a thumbs up not because I got a free meal but mainly because he knows how to deal with customer complaints. Maybe if it was another manager, he or she would just apologize and that's it, then walks off. They wouldn't even ask what they can do to please you or to make it up to you. Again, it's not about getting something free. It's about knowing how to properly address a complaint.

Even though I wasn't feeling too well last night and though I didn't have a good dinner, I felt good when I got home because I felt how much I was valued as a customer. Kudos to Kenny Roger's Team in SM Dasmarinas.


These (grilled fish + corn and carrots + chicken noodle soup)
are my ever since Kenny favorites!

What's yours?


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