I finally got my Globe GCASH card! Yey!

Jul 12, 2013

        Earlier this afternoon, when I got home, my uncle handed me this LBC document package from Globe. I already had a feeling it was my Globe GCASH Card.
        And I was right! I was very excited that it took me about 10 minutes laughing and jumping around our living area before I actually opened the envelop. --medyo mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko--

        When I opened it... TADAAA! 

        I can now enjoy an easy cash out with this GCASH Card. I can now withdraw my GCASH from any ATM nationwide because it's a MEGALINK ATM card.
        However, as stated by Globe, a transaction fee of P20 will be charged to the GCASH wallet for every withdrawal using this card. Though have this kind of charge, I still believe that GCASH is one of the best ways of receiving and sending payments; especially for an online seller like me.
        I no longer have to wait for so long in a Globe Center because I can just find a MEGALINK ATM and withdraw anytime, anywhere. Less hassle. Besides, charges are just the same. The benefit of this card is its convenience. And cute design. Hehe.
        If you're wondering how I got this, click here to check my post. Btw, I knew about this card from Anagon. Thanks to her. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have known about this. Hehe.
        What are you waiting for? Get one now! ;)
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