Four Sisters and a Wedding Movie Review

Jul 2, 2013

Shameful to admit but I was never a fan of Pinoy movies because it's either predictable or corny. But when I saw this trailer in ABS-CBN, it really caught my attention.
I watched this today and believe me, from start to end I was laughing though there were some good dramatic moments in between.
I can't really say much because I might sound like a spoiler but all I can say is that in this movie, people who has sisters or brothers can and will be able relate to the story. I don't have any brother or sister but I was able to relate (which is why I cried) because I see those kind of scenes in my cousins', friends' or colleagues' lives.


May I also mention how great the actors and actresses were in this movie. They were able to really deliver their characters and was able to reach to their audiences. Most of those I was sitting next to were feeling their emotions during the scenes in the movie. That's how great they were. Great job!

As I have said, I ain't a fan of Pinoy movies but I gave this one a try. It was worth it! This is a must watch. Congrats Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina for another good Pinoy movie.

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