Entrepreneur July 2013

Jul 3, 2013

Thanks again to Booksale Bookstore for having the current issue of one of my favorite magazines - Entrepreneur.

I knew about Entrepreneur magazine through my mom. When I was in high school, and when I'm here in the Philippines, she would tell me to buy her the current and past issues of Entrepreneur. I got curious why my mother likes reading it so after reading one of the issues I bought for her, I understood why she always wanted to have one. Then I myself became a regular reader of the magazine too.

Just like what I did for Candy Magazine (see post here), I will also put the articles I like in their July issue.
Contains very helpful tips on what to do before finding a location for your business.

Simple but useful tips for online success.

An article on how to make money in the cyber world. 

Nice article for people like me who is currently managing a small biz.

Very practical tips but we often forget. It was nice to be reminded again.

This article inspired me to achieve more of my business plans.

Article is a little about consumer behavior.
I really love reading articles about online marketing or anything regarding social media because it helps me with my freelance career. Hehe.

If you're a business minded person and you used to just look at this magazine in the magazine stands, try buy one issue and see for yourself. I'm pretty sure once you start buying this magazine, you can't wait to have the next month's issue. 

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