Have you ever heard of "paluwagan"? I encountered this during my high school when a group in my class started to contribute money every day and then in two weeks time or more, depending on the agreed "sahod" (pay), he or she will get the amount... so will the others in their scheduled "pay" day.

I tried to join once but it things came up with the group I was with so it stopped. Unfortunately, most of us didn't get to have our "pay" since we already stopped the "paluwagan". From then on, I find that barkadahan paluwagan not so ideal to earn/save money.

However, I realized that one CAN save and earn money with the same process... but this time, you're on your own. Okay, let's do the math...
        Last night, I have stated my views about the hash tag misuse in Instagram and I would like to further explain it through this post.

        I have chosen FOUR hash tags used in Instagram for online selling. These are the hash tags that were supposed to be powerful and helpful until it was abused.
When I first found out about this app almost 2 years ago, I really wanted it because the filters and the idea of posting just photos is so cool. Just so you know, I'm a very frsutrated photographer. Mahehehe~
As far as I can remember, Instagram can only be downloaded on Apple products such as iPhones and iTouch (and iPad, not sure)... so I was kinda sad because I wanted the app so bad. I even had to borrow my friend's phones to just take photos and have a post in Instagram. But when it became available for other app stores like GooglePlay, I was jumping in joy.
I first owned a Samsung P1000 tablet and I used that to take my first Instagram photos however, since it's like one of the pioneering tablets of Samsung, the quality of the photos were not so good and it doesn't turn out nice in IG.
        So alright, I have been inactive for like... how many weeks? Or months? I didn't notice this until a friend asked me... "What happened to your blog?"

        Well, I have been busy with things: work, online selling, and health issues. So I rarely had the time to check on this blog or make a post PLUS I didn't have much to post about.

        Since I have resigned from work and online selling is what I'm focused on right now, I will try blog every day again. Not so much stories to tell since I don't often go out anymore and usually sick but will try come up with things just to keep this blog active. Mahehe.

        If there are readers of this blog, thank you for checking up. Haha. Imma try research on things to blog and stuff like that to make this blog interesting (coz I know its a boring one).

        If you have any suggestions on what to blog, feel free to comment below. ;)

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