Hash tag Misuse.

Sep 14, 2013

        Last night, I have stated my views about the hash tag misuse in Instagram and I would like to further explain it through this post.

        I have chosen FOUR hash tags used in Instagram for online selling. These are the hash tags that were supposed to be powerful and helpful until it was abused.


        This hash tag was meant for showcasing the products or shops that are in the Philippines. Here, one could see the different items - shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, phones, books, etc - you name it. This is the hash tag an online shop must use to ADVERTISE the brand, the shop or the product itself.

        Sad to say but this is the most abused hash tag by irresponsible online sellers. This is the hash tag meant for showing what buyers are LOOKING FOR. This would have been very useful for sellers to find the buyers for items and  same goes for other buyers who might be looking for the similar item. Look again at the photo in the beginning of this paragraph. Notice how it's filled with products that are being SOLD and not products that are being SEARCHED FOR. I hope somehow this post would give enlightenment to other shops exercising this wrong use.

        This is another abused hash tag because I believe this was meant to show FEED BACKS or PROOF OF SHIPMENTS of both buyers and sellers. This was a hash tag meant for testimonies or evidences of being a legit seller... hence the title. 


        I only discovered this when I started to plan a giveaway for my shop. When I checked this hash tags, booooom! Another misused hash tag. Booo! This was meant for those buyers, those INFLUENCERS, those willing participants to see which shops are holding a giveaway so they can join... again, SO THEY CAN JOIN.

        Let's go back to promotions 101: giveaways could really help build audience (which in the case of IG, it's called followers) which may lead to purchases however, with this misuse, it is very hard for those who are searching for giveaways to find which shops are ACTUALLY hosting one. And I'm pretty sure, as the time goes by, this will be abused more... just like the two above. But I'm really hoping that this could be an eye opener for online shops in Instagram.
        I'm not sure if you got my point or if I have clearly portrayed how powerful and helpful the hashtags would have been if only used correctly. I don't mean to bring offense to the shops or owners of the photos used in this post but I think it's about time to get their attention regarding this matter.
        Guys, always remember that not just because everyone else is doing it, you'd do it too? Try know and learn the definition of things for you to find out what they were meant for or what their uses are. This does not only apply to this hash tags but this applies to our every day lives. Not just because everyone else is doing it, it's right and alright... be keen sometimes.
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