What happened?

Sep 13, 2013

        So alright, I have been inactive for like... how many weeks? Or months? I didn't notice this until a friend asked me... "What happened to your blog?"

        Well, I have been busy with things: work, online selling, and health issues. So I rarely had the time to check on this blog or make a post PLUS I didn't have much to post about.

        Since I have resigned from work and online selling is what I'm focused on right now, I will try blog every day again. Not so much stories to tell since I don't often go out anymore and usually sick but will try come up with things just to keep this blog active. Mahehe.

        If there are readers of this blog, thank you for checking up. Haha. Imma try research on things to blog and stuff like that to make this blog interesting (coz I know its a boring one).

        If you have any suggestions on what to blog, feel free to comment below. ;)

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