Your 20 pesos a day can go a long way!

Sep 15, 2013

Have you ever heard of "paluwagan"? I encountered this during my high school when a group in my class started to contribute money every day and then in two weeks time or more, depending on the agreed "sahod" (pay), he or she will get the amount... so will the others in their scheduled "pay" day.

I tried to join once but it things came up with the group I was with so it stopped. Unfortunately, most of us didn't get to have our "pay" since we already stopped the "paluwagan". From then on, I find that barkadahan paluwagan not so ideal to earn/save money.

However, I realized that one CAN save and earn money with the same process... but this time, you're on your own. Okay, let's do the math...
In the typical paluwagan, each member will contribute the agreed amount every day (or every week). Let's say the amount was 100 per week and in a month there are four weeks so in a month, you will contribute 400 pesos right? But you will be getting a much larger amount because of the other members contribution. You'd probably think it's better because it's larger but you might be forgetting that you guys have your turns. This simply means that whatever amount each one of you have contributed will only be returned to you on your schedules.

Have you ever thought that if you can contribute that way every day with your friends, then you can do it for yourself too. Saving about 10 to 20 pesos a day every month, will bring about 300-400 pesos for you. Not bad! You can use this for your monthly load (which you will no longer ask from your parents, hooray!) or save it and wait for next month's saving to buy something you've always wished to buy.

If you have a larger allowance every day, you can save more than 20 pesos a day so just imagine how much you can save/earn by doing this daily. You just have to stick to this... and by that, REALLY STICK TO IT. Some people don't often succeed doing this because they got lazy or that they wanna spend the savings right away.

Some may find this post boring. Some might be interested but I'm really hoping that even if not right away, some time soon, you'll think back this post and say... "It's not too late to try that out.".

I just really wanted to share this because it was only months ago that I started doing this and how I wished someone have inspired me to do so earlier on... way before I started my college. Mahehe.

Because when I did the math, I would have saved around 30,000 from my four years college! Whew. Would you want to have the same regrets as I have now? Mahehe.

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