It was quite hard choosing which ones I wanna be with because as we all want, we would like to celebrate with our loved ones and closest friends. But because I'm only required to name five for this list, it made me realize who are the ones special to me aside from my parents of course.

        Please do allow me to also introduce who there are so you would know why they're special to me and why I wished to be with them this Christmas.

Photo Credits to HP
        Back when I was younger, printers are so hard to purchase. They were too expensive and my mom would tell me, “Just give me the file (saved in a floppy disk) and I will print it in the office.” In other words, it didn’t seem to be a necessity. But now, I guess, somehow, it became one of the basic needs at home.

        I believe that because of the internet era, the printer became a necessity.  Since the easiest and fastest way to get information is through online, having a printer at home is ideal so one can easily print out whatever they need.

        Now, printers are way cheaper than the ones before. Some even comes with the scanner. Owning a printer is so easy nowadays however, that doesn't apply that' a defective one should be easy to replace.

        I remember some people saying, printers are cheaper because they also get broken easily. I beg to disagree.

        Early this year, I was able to attend a seminar about printing (all kinds of printing). Maintaining a printer isn’t so hard. Printers’ life span depends how often the consumer uses it, according to the speaker of the seminar. I couldn’t remember the exact words or list but these are the tips I remember:

        Guess what I did today? If you guessed I went thrift shopping then you're right! Hehe. I just can't resist especially during my free time!

Excuse my consecutive food blog posts since it's all we can do here in PNG: EAT.

Vision City is a not-so-big mall here in Port Moresby near the Sir John Guise Stadium. Ever since it was built, there were more food choices compared to before where almost all the restaurants are serving Chinese food.

There were other Japanese restaurant before but to my, Ten is by far the best Japanese restaurant I've been to here in Papua New Guinea. The ambience is good and the location is accessible and safe.

        I saw this other blog challenge from Mary of Secret Obsession before this 12 days Christmas blog challenge but wasn't able to blog about it right away since it required so many things: time, ideas for the list and well, time. Hehe.

        But I'm glad that I get to finish the list today! I really thought I'd take forever. I took a few pieces from Mary's blog because I find them very interesting too. You should try this out. It's something new actually because most of the blog challenges I've seen must be accomplished within a month's time. But this... this is different. You have more than two (2) years to accomplish it and accomplish more!

        Honestly, this list made my 2014 exciting! So... here's my 101 things to do in 1001 days!

        I know that the most important thing during Christmas are not the material ones rather the people around us. However, we cannot deny the fact that each and everyone of us are still looking forward at least a present from someone on Christmas eve or the Christmas day itself.

        Receiving/giving presents, disregarding its value, is always a ideal way of expressing how special a person is because words or actions are sometimes not enough to express that. But of course, we all have our own wishlist of the things we wish to have. Here's mine:

Belcibo Restaurant (Ground floor of Vision city)
Last Friday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated it in a restaurant in Vision City, Belcibo. It was like a pasta house. I love the interiors of the place and it's ambiance though I wasn't able to take a photo due to the busy environment during the time we went there.

We ordered Creamy Garlic Prawns, Ossobuco Gremolata and a Shrimp & Asparagus Alfredo.
        I don't usually do blog challenges but since I want to be preoccupied of something new, I find this one to be a great start. Join and spread this blog challenge too!

This Christmas...

1. I'm thankful that I'm celebrating it with my parents.

I've spent several Christmas alone in the Philippines and it feels so good to be back with them here for the holidays.

2. I'm thankful that the three of us (mom, dad and I) are in good health.

Health is an issue for the three of us and we are thankful that we have a good one this month and wishing to have a continuous good health in the coming months and years.

        The entire week last week, I have been visiting the different thrift shops around our area and I'm seriously going broke. Lol.

        I visited the two thrift shops in town, Flex Clothing and Paradise Clothing where I get to buy these items.

        Yes, Paul Walker died in a car accident last Saturday (US time). He was said to be with a friend, driving a Porsche GT, when the car suddenly lost control and crashed on a street light and tree. The crash was so strong it caused so much flame and the car was broken in parts.

Grabbed this photo from

        I found out about this news from Instagram when one of my friends posted about this tragic news. Honestly, this is one of those news I really wished was a hoax... but it wasn't and it's what makes is so heartbreaking. His publicist confirmed his death on his Facebook page and in Reach Out World Wide's page.