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Dec 5, 2013

        I saw this other blog challenge from Mary of Secret Obsession before this 12 days Christmas blog challenge but wasn't able to blog about it right away since it required so many things: time, ideas for the list and well, time. Hehe.

        But I'm glad that I get to finish the list today! I really thought I'd take forever. I took a few pieces from Mary's blog because I find them very interesting too. You should try this out. It's something new actually because most of the blog challenges I've seen must be accomplished within a month's time. But this... this is different. You have more than two (2) years to accomplish it and accomplish more!

        Honestly, this list made my 2014 exciting! So... here's my 101 things to do in 1001 days!

The Challenge: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Start Date: December 4, 2013
End Date: September 1, 2016

001 Make a surprise or give a unique gift for parents for their 25th Wedding Anniversary
002 Treat out Marea & Ean in Manila during summer
003 Treat parents a vacation of their own for their 26th Wedding Anniversary
004 Have a merienda/dinner with 10 people from primary, secondary and tertiary friends. (010)
005 Pay 5 random friends a house visit. (0/5)
006 Give twin sister a visit
007 Buy flowers for my late grandmothers
008 Do not forget to send Kian presents for his first day of school, birthday & Christmas
009 Make peace with Unjhun & Kakat
010 Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for parents for a day
011 Pay Cling (goddaughter) a visit in Los Banos
012 Organize a get together with Vahn and his godparents

013 Spend a weekend in Tagaytay
014 Get a second course in Business
015 Express gratitude to Marketing faculty of DLSUD at the beginning of the school year 2015
016 Award self a hand/foot spa and a body massage
017 Own an iPad or a tablet
018 Spend at least one day of every month without going online
019 Drive to Batangas alone
020 Plan for my birthday celebration
021 Buy 6 original cds of favorite recording artists; 3 local, 3 foreign ((0/6)
022 Join a photo contest
023 Purchase 3 apps in the app world (0/3)
024 Own a Canon DSLR
025 Get a facial or a hair treatment
026 Try shopping once in Forever21

027 Attend mass every Sunday for the year 2014 (0/52)
028 Read and reflect Gospel reading every Monday
029 Pray the rosary every 1st of the month
030 Create a daily exercise routine and strictly follow it
031 Wake up early every day and do not sleep later than 10 pm
032 Find a good vitamin and take it regularly
033 Do not skip drinking Ensure (milk) twice a day
034 Gain weight for the first three months of 2014 and maintain it
035 Finish one (1) liter of water every day
036 Get an overall checkup
037 Visit orthopedic doctor and have a therapy once in 6 months
038 Save and earn for a dental checkup once in 6 months
039 List all the unread books in my shelf and finish reading them all
040 Read the newspaper twice in a month
041 Learn how to speak another language fluently
042 Learn how to speak the basic language of a country
043 Learn how to make and sew a garment in a sewing machine
044 Attend 5 new seminar/workshop (0/5)

045 Send a snail mail/postcard to 10 personal friends and 10 random people (0/20)
046 Leave an inspirational note on at least 10 books or notebooks at stores for someone to find (0/10)
047 Write short inspiring messages on sticky notes and paste them on at least 10 bathroom stall doors. (0/10)
048 Write 25 thank you messages in tissues before dining out of a fast food or a restaurant (0/25)
049 Host an awareness program within our subdivision and community
050 Write this list to the notebook I always carry to not forget
051 Try out a surfing class
052 Write a list of gift ideas for closest family & friends
053 Teach and inspire someone to create their own blog
054 Make another 101 in 1001 bucketlist
055 Learn how to cook/prepare perfectly 5 appetizers, 5 entrees, 5 desserts, 5 soup, 5 pasta and 5 beverage/cocktail. (0/30)

056 Visit five (5) famous churches in the Philippines (0/5)
057 Watch a movie once a month for two years (0/24)
058 Visit Chico Loco’s booth in Yes FM
059 Attend a concert (big or small)
060 Watch a play
061 Travel to Bangkok, Thailand
062 Visit 3 historical places in the Philippines
063 Try going to Coron, Palawan
064 Try at least 8 new kinds of dishes/delicacies (0/8)
065 Find new favorite meals (0/5)
066 Attend a food fair/expo

067 Buy at least 10 beggars a meal (0/10)
068 Visit and volunteer for the cribs orphanage.
069 Give a box of something for PAWS twice (0/2)
070 Join at least 2 run for a cause (0/2)
071 Send a donation to ROWW as a tribute to Paul Walker
072 Gather and donate coke bottles to both 1 Liter of Light and Eat Bulaga

073 Blog about the books I’ve read
074 Reach 2000 posts (111/2000)
075 Host 5 giveaways (0/5)
076 Host 3 blogging challenges (0/3)
077 Get at least 1000 followers (6/1000)
078 Create a new blog layout
079 Make at least 10 Filipino and 10 foreign blogging friends and keep in touch (0/20)
080 Collaborate with other bloggers for a giveaway

081 Open a bank account with PS Bank
082 Create a budget plan for 2014
083 Deposit 250 pesos to my bank accounts (BDO and PS Bank every month for two years starting January 2014 (0/24)
084 Shoulder 4 electric expenses (0/4)
085 Open a Paypal account
086 Target to earn 12,000+ every month (online shop)
087 Spend less than 200 pesos every weekend for food
088 Limit load expense every month for 500 pesos

089 Create business proposals for online shop interested resellers, companies I believe I would be helpful to, the charitable foundation and the e-magazine. (0/4)
090 Send out random gifts to my random customers once in two months
091 Host a mini bazaar of IG sellers
092 Collaborate with other online shops either for a giveaway or photo shoot
093 Create and launch a new product line/shop
094 Host a seminar/workshop about online selling.
095 Leave business card in 50 shops (0/50)
096 Put up a good community of online sellers in Instagram
097 Launch an e-magazine for IG sellers
098 Actively monitor and maintain @findthispls and #findthispls in Instagram
099 Create a mini charitable foundation of IG Sellers
100 Make 3 articles and have it published in a magazine (0/3)
101 Design and print a 2015 planner

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