People how I wish I can be with this Christmas

Dec 6, 2013

        It was quite hard choosing which ones I wanna be with because as we all want, we would like to celebrate with our loved ones and closest friends. But because I'm only required to name five for this list, it made me realize who are the ones special to me aside from my parents of course.

        Please do allow me to also introduce who there are so you would know why they're special to me and why I wished to be with them this Christmas.

1. Kenneth Pascua

        This is Kenneth. I used to call him Tookie because that's what they call him here in PNG when I met him. But now, we call each other "marehkoi" and "parekoi".
        Anyway, I'm actually years ahead of Kenneth in St. Joseph's but because I've been transferring schools every now and then, I had to repeat the other year of high school and we became classmates. But before we became classmates, we became friends through O'Neil and Kim. I didn't know he was going to be my classmate and I thought we'd never be friends due to a past issue we had but God is good! We became closer friends... I found one true friend.
        He lives and work in Australia now. He just graduated. He's a nurse. Yes, this hot dude is a nurse! But sorry girls, he's taken by this gorgeous girl I haven't met or spoken to... but anyway! Hehe. I don't think I'll see him anytime soon and I really miss this dude. I wished he will be here for the holidays but... I guess, I still have to wish some more. Hehe.

2. Branden Boeha

        Next up is Branden. Kenneth and I call him Raenga. Long story! He's a local/national meaning he's a Papua New Guinean. I just forgot exactly what his province is. I became close with him through Kenneth. We actually  have this trio thingy; me being Nelly Furtado, Kenneth as Justine Timberlake and Branden as Timbaland. Lol. Oh you're gonna go crazy when you see us together (especially in the dance floor). They are both like my best buds!
        I included him here in the list though his house is just a few blocks away from ours. It's just that he seems so busy with some things and he might fly to Kavieng soon so I'm really wishing I could at least get to be with him before Christmas.

3. Marea Banta

        This, now, is my cousin sister Marea. We call her Eya. We, as the family, call her Ate. I don't actually consider her as cousin but more of a sister. We grew up apart but very close. We used to exchange snail mails, we sleep together when I'm in the province and... you know what, I can't put into details how much of a sister she is than a cousin.
        Usually, I spend my holidays with them since my parents are always here in PNG for Christmas. Now that I'm here, I'm beginning to miss being with her. How I really wish I'm with her this Christmas.

4. Ean Banta

        This is Ean, the younger and only brother of Marea. So could you now tell that it is not only Marea that I consider my sibling but this tall, dark and handsome too! Hehe. He used to get jealous because he believes I'm more close with Marea.
        We weren't close with each other when we were growing up but when he reached third & fourth year, things turned out. Probably because he's thinking more matured now and he gets along with our "trips'.
        This guy is whom I usually stay with outside the house with his barkada. Because I'm one of the boys. How I wish I'm with him to make tambay. 

5. Chico Loco

        Last but not the least... this is Chico Loco. I don't know him personally. He's one of the DJs in 101.1 Yes FM. He has a program Yes Diaries every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 3am. I've been listening to him for years. Though we are graduates of the same school, he's ahead of me for years. I see him in school but was too shy to approach.
        I really wish I could at least see him before Christmas. It's pretty obvious it won't happen because I'm out of the country. I just wish I would see him SOON.
        If you live in the areas covered by Yes FM, try listening to him. He's a funny guy. You'll enjoy.

        That's about my list. Share me yours by linking below. Who do you wish to be with?
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