Rest in Peace, our dear Paul Walker

Dec 2, 2013

        Yes, Paul Walker died in a car accident last Saturday (US time). He was said to be with a friend, driving a Porsche GT, when the car suddenly lost control and crashed on a street light and tree. The crash was so strong it caused so much flame and the car was broken in parts.

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        I found out about this news from Instagram when one of my friends posted about this tragic news. Honestly, this is one of those news I really wished was a hoax... but it wasn't and it's what makes is so heartbreaking. His publicist confirmed his death on his Facebook page and in Reach Out World Wide's page.

A clip from Fast and the Furious 6
        I've watched few movies where Paul Walker was starred in however, I became his fan through the Fast and the Furious movies. I'm not those die hard fans but I admire him... as an actor and as a person. I admired him more now upon knowing he's doing a charity to help our fellowmen who were victims of typhoon Yolanda. Hands down to you, Mr. Walker.

        When I was discussing the news to my mom how unbelievable this news is, she uttered the words... "Have you wondered why? Why him?"
        True, why him? Why would a good fellow deserve an early and tragic death such as this? Honestly, it kept me thinking for hours then a thought came to mind...  Probably, he have served his purpose here on earth. His mission is finished. He's ready to be with the Lord. He's done his part. But why so tragic? I also don't know and I cannot think of a reason. Whatever it is, as we always say, "Everything happens for a reason". Let's just believe that despite this sad news, it has a good reason - like it or not.

        For now, let's offer our prayers to his family especially his daughter. As a daughter, I haven't experienced loosing a father but I know it would be really hard and painful especially if its a sudden death. Let us not also forget to pray for the soul of his friend who was with him.

Snapshot of his video asking help from their fans for the Yolanda charity event
        Thank you Paul Walker for reaching out to my fellow Filipino citizens who were affected by the typhoon. Thank you for bringing us great entertainment. Thank you for that wonderful message you have to Filipinos and making us special. Personally, thank you for making me realize that life is too short and we must make the most out of it. 

        Thank you. May you rest in peace. Fast and the Furious will never be the same without you. You will be missed by your family, friends, co-workers and fans... myself included. We love you brother. Go now and enjoy the new life with our creator.

        I have to blog about you so by the time I grow older and have memory lapses... and when my children reads through this blog, they would also get to know one of those few people I truly admire. Rest in peace, our dear Paul Walker. We lost one star but the sky earned one.
One of his line in the movie, HOURS

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