I came across this video today from my Facebook newsfeed:
        I shared it on my profile and a friend of mine commented:

        Our conversation made me compile the videos I have watched from Coke before that proves how genius Coca-Cola's marketing team are and how great they brand.

        This video became viral through the different social media the entire day today. 

        I'm sure you guys have watched this one too...

The other night, I was scrolling Kina Grannis' youtube channel when the video "The LAST" of Wong Fu production was suggested. And because I'm very interested with Kina, I watched the video. As the story goes and as I slowly understood it, the memories of me with my past relationships flashed back. So I thought of this post.

I believe some of us have loved that way; the way described in that video. I, too, loved five guys: what, when, who, where, why.