Coca-Cola has the BEST Marketing Team!

May 29, 2014

        I came across this video today from my Facebook newsfeed:
        I shared it on my profile and a friend of mine commented:

        Our conversation made me compile the videos I have watched from Coke before that proves how genius Coca-Cola's marketing team are and how great they brand.
        Coca-Cola branded or positioned itself as "Happiness". One simple word but gives a big impact on everyone. Coke positioned itself as "happiness" because Coca-Cola wants their consumers to feel that kind of "happiness" when they "open", "share", drink and even just by seeing Coca-Cola. They want their consumers to always feel happy and that same happiness be shared among others.
        Before I share the videos, let me share with you a few slogans I remember Coke used before the "Open Happiness"
        I remember they used the slogans:
Always Coca-Cola, Enjoy, Life tastes good, Make It Real, The Coke Side of Life
        And of course, Coke's slogans in the Philippines:
Coke Ko To, Mag Smile Sa Buhay, Mag Coke Araw Araw, Coke Mismo, 100 Taon Na Saya Sa Coke, and Sino Ang Napasaya Mo Today?
        Do you see how they move from one slogan to the other and yet still consistent on their positioning? Genius, isn't it?
        Now, prepare yourself to the awesomeness of these marketing efforts of Coca-Cola.
C0ca-Cola Happiness Machine

        This machine intends to make the consumer happy by giving him or her more than what s/he expects to get. More than that, Coca-Cola wanted the person to share that happiness to others.
Coca-Cola Hello Happiness

        We, as humans, find happiness from our families. This is what Coca-Cola gave to the laborers in the UAE; Coke gave them a few extra minutes of happiness by connecting them to their families back home using bottle caps to make a phone call. Personally, I find this very genius. Not only are they recycling the bottle caps, they are also helping these laborers save a few coins. Very smart.
The Magic Bow

        I'm pretty sure that some of you may have watched this before Christmas the other year. This was another cute idea from Coca-Cola wherein they transformed the packaging to a ribbon to make it a gift ready drink. Who wouldn't smile after the ribbon is formed? Brilliant!
Coca -Cola Happiness Machine - Sweden

        Sweden, as we all know, is located in the northern part of the Northern Europe. There are four distinct seasons and during this date, December 18, when it was 185 days to Midsummer, it was -4 degrees Celsius. Coca-Cola thought of making their consumers happy by making them experience summer earlier than expected. 
Share a Coke - Thank You

        Coca-Cola invited Great Britain to share a Coke by putting names on bottles, around town, and up in lights... and it looks like people liked it and they shared it. Smart idea. Great campaign. Another brilliant marketing strategy.
Coca-Cola Christmas Balloons

        This is another campaign by Coca-Cola for Christmas. They encouraged consumers to share something for someone who is somewhere else. Receiving something by surprise from someone you don't know will definitely make you smile. Coca-Cola also encourage gift-giving through this simple campaign.
Coca-Cola - Happy Flag Campaign

        Denmark was proclaimed to be the happiest country in the world by the United Nations. The country and its people have the tradition in welcoming people from the airport with flags but unfortunately, not everyone brings one anymore. So Coca-Cola partnered with Denmark in spreading the happiness together by providing a flag in the airport.

        It is indeed overwhelming/heart-warming to be welcomed in such way. Cute discovery. Great way to bring the traditional back.

The Coca-Cola Friendship Machine

        Coca-Cola made another machine for their Friendship Day campaign. Through this, friends were encouraged to work together to get a two cokes for a price of one. This way, Coke made friends bond, work together, enjoy the challenge and share the happiness brought by this machine. Another effective campaign by Coca-Cola.

Happiness Machine for Couples

        Coca-Cola, as you've noticed create specific machines for their respective campaigns. For the above video, their campaign, based on my understanding was to encourage couples to show or prove their love for each other through their own simple ways. It could be a kiss, a tight hug or pure sweetness. This was for Valentines Day; a nice way to celebrate the occasion with Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola's Invisible Vending Machine

        I'm really amazed at how they did this. Is it a sensor? I don't know how the machine knows the two person walking are a couple. Whatever it is that makes this thing work, it definitely brought smile to those who passed by.


Coca-Cola Singapore Recycled Happiness Machine

        Global warming and non-biodegradable trash are just to of the many issues we face nowadays. Plastics are among the biggest problems of our environment and so, many companies, big or small, campaigned about recycling. Coca-Cola did their part too through this machine which they placed in a country that was said to have recycled only 11% of their plastics.

        This is not the typical happiness machine but you will still see people smiling in this video. Probably because subconsciously, it feels great to do something good especially if it's for our environment. And to get a simple reward for a good deed done.

Coke Hug Me Machine

        Who would forget the Hug Me machine? This is a crazy but fun idea by Coke. This machine was placed in a campus to encourage the students to hug the machine in exchange for a free Coke because as Coca-Cola said it... "Because vending machines have feelings too."

        Really crazy and funny if you look at it. But if you look at it in another perspective, this machine was not just for the free Coke. They wanted the students to embrace Coca-Cola as the brand of a soda drink they badly want to have; so bad that they don't care how ridiculously funny they look like in hugging a big red machine in the middle of their campus for a soft drink.


        If you haven't noticed, Coca-Cola no longer advertise their brand or product like they attract you to buy the product. They have passed that marketing stage already. What they are doing now is creating something to talk about... something to share... something to enjoy. They are no longer attracting customers, they are now retaining their customers by delivering the same quality of soda drink through creative ways possible. They are maintaining their branding and positioning by satisfying their customers through effective happiness campaigns; something not all companies can do.

Photo credits to the owner
        As I've said in my Facebook, Coca-Cola has the best marketing team ever! They are the dream company every marketer wants to be hired in. And if in a rare circumstance that a Coke marketing team or even just a Coke representative gets to read this, let me applause you for a job continuously done well. Kudos to you guys!

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