How Wedding Proposals Become Exaggerated

May 16, 2014

        This video became viral through the different social media the entire day today. 

        I'm sure you guys have watched this one too...

        Yes! It is indeed very sweet. Some are just so creative on how they would ask their girlfriends to be their bride. And some, for me... are just a little bit exaggerated. You know those proposals done in huge crowds or in public? I personally don't find that sweet. I find it more embarrasing. It looses that intimacy a wedding proposal should give for both the girl and boy. No offense to those who may have proposed that way already. Peace out y'all.

        We all have our own views but for those who share the same sentiments like me...

        Guys, you must remember this:

        Wedding proposals doesn't have to be too public. Some girls like me would prefer to have it in a private place... a place where only two of you could enjoy the moment. You don't have to show the other bystanders or pedestrians that you're marrying her like they care. Dude, trust me, they don't give a shit. Nag mukha ka lang jeje.

        It doesn't have to cost much. Practical girls like me would prefer to have something simple, unexpected and sweet. It's a challenge on how you would combine that all together. Wag na wag kang magpapa bonggacious wedding proposal kung wala ka naman budget at inutang mo sa pa nanay mo.

        Wedding proposals should be well planned. Not the concept of the proposal but the actual fact of getting married. Guys, before you propose, think of all the factors: financial stability, your loyalty to your future bride, etc. Don't propose just because you thought she's the one. You must be more than 100% sure.

        Most of all, make sure that you can accept rejection in case she's not yet ready. Don't take it too personally. Some girls would turn down a wedding proposal not because they hate you or anything like that... maybe she's not just ready... It is not because they don't want to marry you or are afraid of the commitment... maybe they still have a responsibility to fulfill.

        Now, I would also like to talk to the girls...

        Girls, not just because you see all these super sweet proposals online or from celebrities... you wish for the same. I seriously believe that wedding proposals doesn't really have to be this spectacular in the sense that it is too costly and exaggarated.. Remember that what needs to be spectacular is the feeling... Don't look on how the proposal was done, instead, focus on the thought that he chose you to be the woman he is willing to spend his life with. Don't demand to have the same sweet proposals you see. Wait for the guy to give it to you.

        Engagements are a preparation for the big day. It's not just a status or a statement to be told to everyone. It's something to be enjoyed... felt... and treasured.

        Go now and call your loved one and say your feelings for him or her. Don't wait for your wedding proposal to be all sweet. You can do that every day, you know.

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