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        Recently, I've noticed how teenagers become the big spenders. They seem to always want what is "in". They want to be in trend; they want to have or do what everyone else is having/doing. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. I've gone through that as well. But I just would like to tell you, through this blog post, what I wished I have done before and what I wish you'd actually think about doing now while still young.


        If you want something, then save (or earn) to get it. Since your parents are giving you allowance every day, try to save something; even if it's just 5 pesos. Imagine if you save 5 pesos a day for a week... for a month. At the end of the month, you'll get 100 pesos. And now, imagine if you can save more than that? Heaven diba.

        You can also earn money to add up to your savings. But this is not so adviseable for teenager specifically high school students because they are not that matured enough to balance studies and other things. But if you think and believe that you can, then why not try out this simple things to help you earn little income:

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        When we were younger, we are easily disgusted when the talks are about kissing and sex. But when we grow older, these are some of the things that are interesting to talk about especially among friends.

        Younger generations, just like us before, easily falls in love. Infatuation and love are the two things that confuses them the most. They go out with any person they find attracted to without thinking twice. Younger boy and girls don't really mind heartbreaks. They go from one girl/boy to another until they reach that maturity to realize that a relationship is not a game to enjoy playing; it's a commitment.

        What's worst is many teenagers now are young mothers or fathers. Some say they were hurrying things or that they were too curious. Both are true but I also think it's because they actually thought that sex is something that would keep the relationship, make it last or even just to justify it. 

        Most girls thinks that sex is something to give or to share to their partners to make them satisfied; to keep the flame burning. But it is definitely a wrong thinking. There are far more things in life that will keep you and your partner stay in love besides snuggling... and having sex.

        There are a lot of things you can do together to stay sweet and to keep the love flowing. Let's say for example photo projects. Have you heard or seen the famous "hand-holding" couple in Instagram? Well, this was actually the first couple photo project I knew.

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        But sometime this year when I met up with my friend Yanille, and she mentioned that she, together with her boyfriend, started this photo project together. And they had their own style of the "hand-holding" photo project.

         These are their projects together:

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        We still don't have power at this very moment and I've heard that there are still other municipalities and provinces that are experiencing the same thing. I've always tried to check updates from our governor and Meralco's social media accounts but they're still not releasing a date or a schedule as to when will the power supply be back to normal again.
        I've also seen and heard reports, complaints and even curses against Meralco. It saddens me for I know that the Meralco team is doing their best to fix and have the electricities work again. It might be painful for them to hear the harsh and discouraging words some consumers are saying through the radio or through the social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I can't imagine where else they get the motivation to work harder.
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        The typhoon Glenda (international name Rammasun) entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility last Sunday, July 13 2014. It entered the vicinity of the Catanduanes with a maximum sustained winds of 120 kph and gustiness of up to 150 kph.
        It moved from the Northern Visayas region to the Southern Luzon region and made its exit in Zambales.
        These were the typhoon/storm signal advisories of PAGASA, illustrated by Rappler:
        I was inspired to change my blog name and url to The Legendary Ukayista because of Joe P, a known storage buyer from the show Storage Wars – New York. He called himself The Legend because he gets the best storage rooms in that show.

        I want to call myself The Legendary Ukayista because for almost 20 years of my life, I’ve been buying from thrift (ukay) shops. I’ve always scored the best finds which I sell in my online shop or I personally use. Recently, I’ve received praises saying I was a good thrifter which makes me feel similar to Joe P.

        Soon, I will be showing my thrift finds and I’ll share some of my thrift travels too. Hoping somehow I would remove the wrong connotation of people for ukay stuff. Hmm… Who’s excited?
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