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Jul 30, 2014

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        When we were younger, we are easily disgusted when the talks are about kissing and sex. But when we grow older, these are some of the things that are interesting to talk about especially among friends.

        Younger generations, just like us before, easily falls in love. Infatuation and love are the two things that confuses them the most. They go out with any person they find attracted to without thinking twice. Younger boy and girls don't really mind heartbreaks. They go from one girl/boy to another until they reach that maturity to realize that a relationship is not a game to enjoy playing; it's a commitment.

        What's worst is many teenagers now are young mothers or fathers. Some say they were hurrying things or that they were too curious. Both are true but I also think it's because they actually thought that sex is something that would keep the relationship, make it last or even just to justify it. 

        Most girls thinks that sex is something to give or to share to their partners to make them satisfied; to keep the flame burning. But it is definitely a wrong thinking. There are far more things in life that will keep you and your partner stay in love besides snuggling... and having sex.

        There are a lot of things you can do together to stay sweet and to keep the love flowing. Let's say for example photo projects. Have you heard or seen the famous "hand-holding" couple in Instagram? Well, this was actually the first couple photo project I knew.

Photo credits to @muradosmann of Instagram

        But sometime this year when I met up with my friend Yanille, and she mentioned that she, together with her boyfriend, started this photo project together. And they had their own style of the "hand-holding" photo project.

         These are their projects together:

Somewhere Project

        They go to places (domestic or international), hold hands and wait for the camera to capture the love.

        This is not just a project but an advocacy and a challenge for couples to travel together while holding each others hands and capturing the moment; moments you'd happily look back to after years.

        I believe that this project also helps couples to be more serious with the relationship. It takes the relationship to a new level without crossing the line (by that I mean having sex before marriage). Let's admit it, a relationship with so much memories are harder to let go so more likely, you'd do everything to make it work out... and last. Besides, who would want good memories go to waste, right?

The Portraits

        They take portraits of each other per week for a year. These are portraits they took when they attended events or when they go out for their weekend dates. This kind of project makes couple spare time to meet each other; if you have this kind of challenge every week and with the right amount of determination to complete it, you'd really make some time to be with your partner. This will teach couples to be responsible enough to meet their partner at least once a week. 

A Selfie Photo Project

        They take photos every day - together or not - and post it in their Instagram account. My friend said they take selfies every day until the day they get to take a selfie in the altar which is their ultimate dream selfie.

        This project is not just about taking a selfie every day, they also write love letters to each other. They keep and compile those photos and letters so after some years, when they look back, it will show how much they've changed as a couple and as a person.
        Photos are like mirrors, it reflects the memories during the time it was taken. So having a photo every day will definitely help you think back the good times.

Lens Between Us

        I also came across a blog in Tumblr. They are also a couple doing photo projects together. They named their project, Lens Between Us. Just like the Somewhere Project my friend Yanille and her boyfriend Angelo was doing, the couples behind the that Tumblr blog is traveling to places and taking photos of each other - literally. They stand a few meters away/across each other and makes that shot. Check it out! Their photos are so wonderful you would be encouraged to do the same with your partner.

        Here's a few samples I grabbed from their Tumblog:

        Photo projects are really fun and this is just one of they many ways to keep the flame burning. Projects are like challenges you and your partner will always look forward to and would definitely enjoy reminiscing.

        So young couples, keep your hormones calm and do other things such as these photo projects to enjoy each others company. Save that intimate experiences to the person really worth it so you could also save yourself from regrets. If you're after memories or is finding ways to make the relationship exciting, these projects would do the job already. No need to take your clothes off.

        If you and your partner has a project similar or not to the aforementioned projects, feel free to share it with us by commenting below. We'd be very interested to know about it. Share the love; share the inspiration.

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