Open Letter to Meralco Consumers

Jul 18, 2014

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        We still don't have power at this very moment and I've heard that there are still other municipalities and provinces that are experiencing the same thing. I've always tried to check updates from our governor and Meralco's social media accounts but they're still not releasing a date or a schedule as to when will the power supply be back to normal again.
        I've also seen and heard reports, complaints and even curses against Meralco. It saddens me for I know that the Meralco team is doing their best to fix and have the electricities work again. It might be painful for them to hear the harsh and discouraging words some consumers are saying through the radio or through the social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I can't imagine where else they get the motivation to work harder.
Dear Meralco consumers,
        Please be patient enough in waiting for the electricity to be back on. Imagine the hard work the Meralco employees are doing in order to fix the broken posts and cables in the affected areas, and how much they ensure that the electricity will be safe for us to use again. Don't talk, complain and curse them as if they are not doing their jobs. Believe it or not, they are. And their jobs are not as easy as you think it is.
        Remember that you're not the only person; your family or your area is not the only one experiencing this power supply problem. There are lot of us going through the same thing. Meralco is handling so many things right now that they probably can't attend to all reports all at once. Learn to understand. Be an openminded human being and not someone who has the mouth of a demon who discourage, blame and curse those who work hard.
        Believe me, I know how hard it is to live for days without water and electricity but never did it cross my mind to blame this to Meralco. My emotions never got the best of me in terms of understanding. You should learn to do the same thing. Instead of letting it get into your nerves, why don't you try to be calm to understand and to patienly wait for the power to come back on again. It's not as if they just don't want us to have electricity. Have you ever thought that there is a big possibility that they're making sure we are safe? I bet you never thought that.
        All I'm trying to point is... don't be too over-reacting. Yes, water & electricity are our basic needs but I just couldn't imagine how much annoyance this situation brings you when there are some who may have lost not only their power & water but might have lost everything; shelter, personal properties or worst, a loved one. Have you thought of that? I bet you didn't again.
        Learn to appreciate what you have at this moment so you will stop complaining. Learn to appreciate what others are doing especially the Meralco team. Encourage them so they can do their jobs better... and faster. Saying discouraging words won't help, you know.
Yours Sincerely,
        We should really learn how to appreciate more and complain less.
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