Tips on How a Teenager Can Save and Earn while Studying

Jul 31, 2014

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        Recently, I've noticed how teenagers become the big spenders. They seem to always want what is "in". They want to be in trend; they want to have or do what everyone else is having/doing. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. I've gone through that as well. But I just would like to tell you, through this blog post, what I wished I have done before and what I wish you'd actually think about doing now while still young.


        If you want something, then save (or earn) to get it. Since your parents are giving you allowance every day, try to save something; even if it's just 5 pesos. Imagine if you save 5 pesos a day for a week... for a month. At the end of the month, you'll get 100 pesos. And now, imagine if you can save more than that? Heaven diba.

        You can also earn money to add up to your savings. But this is not so adviseable for teenager specifically high school students because they are not that matured enough to balance studies and other things. But if you think and believe that you can, then why not try out this simple things to help you earn little income:

1. If you're a genius or a hard-working student, you can prepare simple reviewers you can sell among your classmates for little amount of money; let's say 10 pesos per chapter. You not only earned something, you somehow also helped your classmate.

2. Instead of giving paper to your classmate, ask them for payment. Don't forget that your parents shelled out money for that pad of paper for you so it's okay to ask payment for that. If you're using an intermediate pad or the yellow pad, ask your classmates 1 pesos per 3 sheet. You'll be surprised how much you'll earn; that's almost the same amount you've been loosing if you kept giving free paper to your lazy classmates.

3. If you're skilled or talented, you can make money out of it. For example, if you're a good writer, there are some freelance jobs found in the internet that you can check. I know a few 16 year old girls who were able to earn money from that. Not only will it help you financially, it will also be a training ground for you. You can also include those freelance works in your resume in the future.

4. If you're fortunate enough, you can use some of your savings to buy some merchandise you can either sell directly to your classmates/batchmates/schoolmates or through the internet. I'm an Instagram seller and I know a lot of young entreprenuers. They are very inspring. Just make sure that what you're selling will make money. Don't buy what you want for yourself; buy what you think and know will sell to your peers.

5. if you're allowed to bring phones in school, you can try ask your network (Smart/Globe) how your simcard can be an auto-loading simcard. Once in a while, a classmate will need a load (or even your teacher might need it) so that would be an opportunity for you to earn something. You can even earn from your neighborhood. Make a simple sign outside your home or gate that says "Available Load" and I'm sure there will be people buying load from you. AGAIN, you can only apply this suggestion ONLY IF you're ALLOWED to bring phones at school. Never use it during class also!

6. If you have printer and internet at home, you can tell your classmates that if they need printing services for class projects, they can email you the document, you'll print them and bring them to school for a charge of let's say 2 pesos per page. Just be responsible enough to NOT forget what they asked you to print out. You wouldn't want to be blamed for late submissions.

7. If you're mom is a good cook, you can ask your classmates or even teachers if they want what your mom cooks. Example: if your mom creates tasty yema or little snacks, you can approach your teachers or your classmates AFTER CLASS if they want to order. Even if they don't order now, time will come they'll remember your offer and ask you about it. That's still income.

8. Sell your old good stuff. If you've been lucky enough to be given all the things in the world, then I'm sure you have a lot of stuff in your bedroom you don't or never used. Sell it out! It's one of the new trends in the internet. Selling pre-loved items. Just make sure you sell the good condition things.

        These are the ways on how a teenager can earn money from but this is ONLY applicable to teenagers who are RESPONSIBLE and can balance studies with this kind of activities. If you don't know time management, then forget this blog post and just focus on your studies first. Get back to this post ONLY once you're ready.

        I started this post by saying "If you want something, save or earn to get it." And I want you to think and understand that carefully. Saving will help you buy things you want to buy without asking your parents for it. Saving will not only help you buy personal stuff but you can also use this for your school projects. As early as 15 years old, learn how to help your parents even in the simplest ways possible.

        Saving will also help you become independent; and by that I mean responsible. When you become accostomed to saving (and earning) for yourself, you'll become a smart spender.
Now, after reading this, I hope you realize that getting all stubbon just because your parents didn't get you the iPhone 5c is not right. You can get what you want if you're just smart enough to find ways how to get it. And now that I've shared the few things I was (and wasn't) able to do, you should now know what to do, okay?

        Be a young smart spender than be a young pain in the ass brat.
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