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Aug 5, 2014

        Whenever my family or myself needs to stay in Manila for a couple of days, if the SMDC condo is rented, we book with gohotel.
        We've been checking in and out the aforementioned hotel for a couple of times already but didn't get to blog the others. But I did get to blog our first stay. Click here to read about it.
        On my birthday, I will be staying there for a couple of days. I booked yesterday but because I was tasked to do so many things yesterday, I only had today to pay and almost... ALMOST didn't reach the cut-off.
        I'm blogging because I want to express the hassle in paying; it has always been like this. The rooms & service in the hotel itself is excellent but the payment is just too hassle for busy people especially those who are employed.
        I say this because when you book online, you only have two options: you either pay online via credit card or pay via bank which is only through Robinson's Bank. For me who lives in a province, and someone who has other responsibilities everyday, it's such a hassle to meet the deadline schedule for the payment and go to the nearest Robinson's Bank.
        I suggest that if gohotel will stick to the "11:59 am" deadline for payments, at least have other options. You see, Robinson's Bank near my area is only until 4pm. If I'm working and I go out at past 5, I have no other way to pay and I can't also pay during lunch time because it would mean I have to take my lunch break earlier than 11 am.
        I hope gohotel would consider this. Not everyone who books there has an assistant to do the payments or someone who has all the time in the world to meet your payment deadlines. I hope they either have other options for payment or give customers enough time to pay.
        I remember there was one time when I was so early in the Robinson's bank but unfortunately, they were offline. It reached the 11:59 am deadline so my reservation was automatically cancelled. I had to book again and to my disappointment, the price per room has increased. To think, it was not my fault that the ONLY bank they accept payments in went offline. No assistance or consideration was given so I just had to book and pay what was in the new receipt; very disappointing. I though there would be improvements now but to my dismay, it's still the same problem.
        I hope gohotel would do something about this issue. I hope that the quality of service being provided in the hotel itself would be the same quality of service given during booking & payment.
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