Yesterday, September 26, 2014, I dropped by Cobo to buy one of my favorite drinks, the Orange Grapefruit Bubble Burstea, when I noticed that there were a lot of people on the other side. I was shocked to find out that the Power Mac Center is finally open.
        This was the thought that bugged me all throughout today. Have this thought bugged you once? Twice? Every day? Trust me, I know the feeling.
        Personally, though I say that I don't exist to please anyone in this world, I still end up trying to please people. I guess we do it subconsciously because we want to belong... we want to be discovered or be recognized... we want to feel the care and love from others. We are so eager to find or feel happiness for being ourselves that we end up trying too hard until it hurts us... it destroys us... and by us I mean our very own selves... who we really, really are.
        I was just passing by BOOKSALE when a book caught my eye. Again, I was lucky to buy another good book.
        I've been wanting to own and read Robert Kiyosaki's books because I have heard good feedback about them. But every time I'm at National Bookstore, I'm always tempted to buy the fiction ones instead.

        I just finished watching the movie 7500 and I thought this movie would be so damn scary but I was only disappointed.


        If you're planning to watch it, stop reading here!

        I don't normally go with the trend but there was really something about mandals that got me interested. I just don't know what.
        I made a looking for post in Instagram for birks or at least Birkenstock inspired mandals. You would know it's a trend because a lot of shops were suggested. I made a separate post for the shops suggested. Click here to take you there.
        I was in search for mandals when a friend of mine suggested to check out Ingga Sandals. She said that this particular shop sells interchangeable straps for birks t-strap style sandals. I gave it a shot and followed this shop.
        I knew about this shop through an old friend, Eloiza. She posted a photo tagging the Fashion Spice Manila for her chain necklace. I've been looking for one so I followed the shop in Instagram.
        I've always wanted to buy but because I'm living in the province, the shipping cost is just a little too much. That was why I was so happy to know they are joining the Manila Sundance Bazaar.
        I've been searching for mandals and I came across this shop in Instagram. But because their shop is mainly a men's fashion, I was kind of hesitant to buy from them. I was scared that the mandals would be too big for me. That was why I was surprised to know they have a booth in the Manila Sundance Bazaar.