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Sep 9, 2014

        I was in search for mandals when a friend of mine suggested to check out Ingga Sandals. She said that this particular shop sells interchangeable straps for birks t-strap style sandals. I gave it a shot and followed this shop.
        I love their feed especially their SFS photos. It was very effective in terms of brand awareness. I was glad, just like with former shops I posted, to know that they'll be attending the Manila Sundance Bazaar.
        I was actually willing to buy online, however, I was thinking twice because I bought a similar footwear from another shop in Instagram and it was too big. I didn't want my next purchase to be the same. I wanted to be sure that this time, it would fit me perfectly.
        They were the first shop I searched for but unfortunately, they didn't have a size 8 or 9 in stock. I waited until the afternoon but Tin, the owner, told me that the stocks are still to come the following day. To make me feel better, she gave me a free ticket to use for the 2nd day so I can buy one from them. The owner was very accommodating and sweet.
        I had other plans during the 2nd day of Manila Sundance Bazaar but because I really want to have that Inez sandals, I went back (earlier than expected); unfortunately, the stocks weren't there yet but Tin assured me it was being picked up already.
        Though I waited for quite a while, I didn't mind because as I assumed it... IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH WAITING FOR.

        The Inez sandals of Ingga is very cute especially if you have different straps to match your outfit. The insole is made of suede leather which makes it very comfy!
        Tin suprised me and gave me another free strap. Initially, the price of P1,000 only includes the sandals & two straps so I was very happy she gave me another one. I chose black, brown & white.
        They have three different kind of straps for their Inez collection: gamuza, leather and fabric. 

        They have also a wedge collection they call Leona.
        And of course, their very own... Ingga sandals.

        I don't normally buy footwear that are more than 500 pesos but seeing the quality of this sandals, it definitely justifies the price. By the way, their products are Marikina made and as we all know, when you say Marikina, it's of good quality.
        So don't waste time and check out their shop in Instagram profile now! I highly recommend them, even though I haven't used the sandals yet, you'd really see how well it was made. Definitely worth your money.

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