Movie Review: 7500

Sep 22, 2014

        I just finished watching the movie 7500 and I thought this movie would be so damn scary but I was only disappointed.


        If you're planning to watch it, stop reading here!

        Anyway, the movie started to be a typical plane ride; almost like Final Destination's first movie. People were entering the plane and there was this very mysterious guy holding a wooden box. I knew that box had something creepy inside which makes the movie really predictable.

        Next scene was the take off. After a while, they experienced a very bad turbulence which lasted for just a few minutes. The man with the wooden box suddenly had some panic/heart attack causing his death. He looked more like possessed so I thought the movie is similar to "The Possession" since he also didn't want any other people touching the box.

        The crew needed to store away the dead body so they asked the Business Class to transfer to the economy class. Everything seemed normal but the plane suddenly had a cabin pressure. Tha masks were dropped and everyone struggled to breathe. One of the main characters even took time to help out the younger child and her mother. A few minutes later, the plane gained altitude again and became stable.

        Creepy things started to happen inside the plane. The dead body was missing and so are some of the passengers. The main characters realized this so they checked the belongings and the wooden box. They found a doll which was called shinigami. It was said to be death doll; a being who collects people's sould after they die but only if they let go of whatever is holding them to this world.

        The characters began to disappear one by one. Until the group of main characters found the dead bodies of the pilot on their oxygen masks. When they walked back to the economy class, they found out the everyone else have died... including them. They have died during the cabin pressure.

        The other characters were of course shocked by the revelation but eventually accepted their deaths except one of the girls named Liz. She then wakes up in an empty plane. She wondered and was about to get off the plane when she heard some noise on a plane's bin and when she check to see what it was, a hand jumps out to grab her.


        As I've said, the story was very predictable at first and it had only few scary moments. When I say scary, those moments you'd be screaming your throats out or your heart pounding like it's going to burst out your chest. Didn't have those moments here.

        I still don't get the connection or even the role of the dead character. I thought he was the one haunting the people down then it turned out, they all died because of the malfunctioned masks.

        The twist was great; I say this in the context of a twist because you really wouldn't see it coming. Who would have thought that almost half of the movie, they're already dead. And this is the thought that made me think... and kinda freaks me out.


        As a frequent plane passenger, the thought of dying in a plane is really scary. Deeper than that, the thought of "Am I ready to die that instant?" is much scarier especially if you know to yourself you still have unfinished businesses on earth. But I guess that's the point of the story. When we die, or when we are at the moment, we have to let go of the things that are holding us back. That way, we could rest peacefully. Accept death, accept your fate and accept that your life is just up to that moment... no more extensions.

        Another movie that made me realize how important it is to say or do the things we want because tomorrow is not promised. And that every morning we wake up, we must be grateful and we must make the most out of that day.

        Also, I couldn't help but think of MH370. What if this incident happened to them? What it they were really headed back to Malaysia but because of some cabin pressure, it damaged the oxygen masks, communication and everything else on the plane? What if the plane kept flying with everyone on board dead until it ran out of gasoline causing it to crash on the sea? If a cabin pressure could do that much damage to the plane's systems... then I guess, it's a possible theory for the MH370. What do you think?


        This movie was, I think, supposed to be a horror film but to me, it turned out to be a movie that would keep you thinking. It's not a scary movie that will haunt me when I'm in bed but it will definitely keep me awake thinking of life and death.

        Have you watched this movie? Did you have a different understanding? Share it with me. Comment or link your review on my comment box.

        Thanks for reading through!
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