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Sep 14, 2014

        I don't normally go with the trend but there was really something about mandals that got me interested. I just don't know what.
        I made a looking for post in Instagram for birks or at least Birkenstock inspired mandals. You would know it's a trend because a lot of shops were suggested. I made a separate post for the shops suggested. Click here to take you there.
        Back to my story... Of course all of us will search and choose the cheapest among the suggested shops. I arrived at 11am Clothing's Instagram feed.

        They have the cheapest kind of Birks inspired; they sell it for 330 pesos only (plus shipping cost) and that's why I chose to buy from them first. I spent a total of 420 pesos for their mandals.
        I always see the photo above or at least a similar kind of mandals from different shops in Instagram. Some are offering more than 400 pesos that was why I was so convinced to buy from them. I contacted the seller and paid right then. I was so excited to get it.


        I know I should not expect much from a 330 pesos mandals but I really didn't expect too see the glue used to stick the parts together. Seller justified that it shouldn't be a big deal since it was inside but the glues even showed between the soles. It seemed like it was only made the during the day of shipment. Parang hindi pa tuyo yung mga pandikit. (It seems like the glue didn't dry off)

        The mandals itself are very light. I expected it to be a little heavy. I don't find the insole comfortable because it's very solid and it feels like I'm stepping on to something hard. The size also is quite big. I made sure that I chose my size based on my measurement and her posted measurement chart that's why I was surprised to get something larger. Then the straps seem to be bigger than the buckles causing it to be a little torn out when you adjust it tighter.

        To sum it all up, I was very disappointed with my first purchase. Maybe I just expected too much because some of her buyers seemed to be satisfied. It was more disappointing that after a few days of usage (4 days straight; no rain), the parts became loose; that maybe a few more usage will cause them to detach one by one.

        I'm sorry for being brutally honest here but if you're really looking for a good quality mandals or Birks inspired, this kind of mandals whether from 11am Clothing or some other shop is not what you should buy. In my opinion, this is an "okay" mandals; something you won't use everyday because it can easily be worn out and this definitely isn't worth more than 350 pesos.
        I had to look for another and a friend suggested the interchangeable T-strap sandals. And the only interchangeable T-strap sandals I know are from Ingga.

        I didn't want to risk it again so I was really careful in deciding whether to buy from them or not. Fortunately, they joined the Manila Sundance Bazaar! It would be much easier for me to check my size and the quality of the product as a whole. However, when I got to their booth on the first day, they ran out of stock for sizes 8 & 9. They also didn't have a display having those sizes so I really had no way determining. I had to go back the next day. Though it was kinda hassle for me, I did the right thing. I waited for the sizes to become available to assure that it will fit me perfectly.


        I got a size 9 but I'm usually a size 8. Size 8 was a perfect fit however, it doesn't give much space for my toes so I tried on size 9. It may look a little big fro me but I'm much comfortable with it than the other size.

        The sandals itself is not that heavy and it's not hard to walk with. They have different sizes & design for the strap which benefits to those individuals who has chubby feet. 

        The insole is made of suede leather which makes it soft and very comfy. I have tried using it for 4 days straight; 1 of those days was rainy and it proved it's quality. The parts didn't tore off unlike the first purchase however, because the insoles are made of suede leather, it easily gets dirty especially if it's raining. I haven't tried washing it but I guess it would come off easily too.

        I'm very much satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend them. The seller also knows how to handle customers... how to make it up to their buyers; like for my case, I had to go back so she gave me a freebie and a free pass to the bazaar.
        Though I already know I'll be satisfied with Ingga sandals, I still wanted to have a good quality 2-strap mandals. I again searched and arrived in The Ilustrados Instagram feed.

        It made me more happy to know they also joined the Manila Sundance Bazaar! After Ingga, I went to them and asked for a size 8. Just like with Ingga, it fits perfectly but didn't have much space for my toes. It was almost at the edge so I asked the staff to find me a size 9. He actually had a hard time finding one. I decided to leave him first to take my lunch and hope that when I come back, there would be a size 9 for me and I'm super glad they made a way to find me one!


         The mandals are quite heavy but not hard to walk with. It's a nice fit and the insole are I think made of suede leather too making it softer to step in to.

        When you adjust the straps, the buckles doesn't damage the straps because it was made perfectly together.

        The adhesive too are of good quality because I tried using it too but just for 2 and a half days (rainy days) and it didn't become loose whatsoever. I think the color of the insole used was much better than Ingga because it was darker so dirt isn't that visible. 
        Overall, though it's quite pricey than the rest, I still love this mandals. It is of high quality and very comfy... and simply stylish too! What more can you ask for?
        I highly recommend them for 2-strap mandals. They have stocks for both for male & female! Great match for couple's outfits. Mahehe.
Here are the prices for your reference:
11am Clothing: Php330 (exclusive of shipping fee)
Inez by Ingga Sandals: Php1,000 (2 straps free; exclusive of shipping fee)
The Ilustrados: Php970 (exclusive of shipping fee) 
        Do you own a mandals? Where did you buy it from? Tell us about it through the comment box below or link your blogpost about them. We would love to hear about it.
        Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Have a great day!
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