Robert Kiyosaki Books from Booksale Bookstore

Sep 23, 2014

        I was just passing by BOOKSALE when a book caught my eye. Again, I was lucky to buy another good book.
        I've been wanting to own and read Robert Kiyosaki's books because I have heard good feedback about them. But every time I'm at National Bookstore, I'm always tempted to buy the fiction ones instead.
        Luckily, there's BOOKSALE! I get to own these two books. I haven't started reading these, but I'll definitely read them once I'm done with some of the things I'm currently working on. I swear, I'll read these books first before reading David Levithan's book series. Hehe. By the way, I bought these books for less than 500 pesos! 185 for the Cashflow Quadrant and 225 for the Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
        I've been asked by some friends before how I get to buy good books for a much cheaper price. Well, I guess it's often pure luck. I'm just also happy that the staff of BOOKSALE Bookstore in SM Dasmarinas are very good at picking which books to display. I often get to buy the best books that were displayed on their window or on their shelves; not tucked together with other books. You can check out this blog post for my other BOOKSALE bookstore hauls.
        I don't mind owning a used book. It's okay with me to have a book that has a bit of dents or scatches on the cover or the on the pages itself. As long as the pages are complete and there are no writings, or stains on the pages, I wouldn't mind. What matters is I still can read through the book.
        If you're also a book hoarder or just a person looking for good reads, try out the nearest BOOKSALE bookstore for you. I'm pretty sure you'll find one to take home.
        Have you bought from a BOOKSALE bookstore before? What did you buy? Tell me about it! Comment about it or link your blog post below and I'll definitely check it out!

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