The Ilustrados

Sep 8, 2014

        I've been searching for mandals and I came across this shop in Instagram. But because their shop is mainly a men's fashion, I was kind of hesitant to buy from them. I was scared that the mandals would be too big for me. That was why I was surprised to know they have a booth in the Manila Sundance Bazaar.
        They were not yet ready when I visited their booth so I went around to look at other stalls first. When I got back, their staff assisted me. I tried on size 8 but it was kind of short for my feet. He had a hard time looking for a size 9 from their stocks so I said I'll go for lunch first and be back. I was really afraid they wouldn't have a size that day; I went to Ingga first and they didn't have a size for me too so it was like double frustration in one day.
        But fortunately, when I went back the size 9 was ready. I tried it on and sakto! It was really comfy. I didn't hesitate to buy it. I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to take a photo of their booth but I really love how they designed it; a proof that you don't need a big space in bazaars to make your booth look good. Below are the photos I grabbed from their Instagram feed. Photo credits to The Ilustrados.

        They not only sell good quality mandals but also sell cute printed polos for both men & women! They are now one of my favorite shops. You should check out their feed in Instagram; it's very awesome!

        Here's the link for their Facebook & Instagram accounts.
        You can view my mandals review soon. I will link it here when done.
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