I received a text message last night from the National Bookstore SM Dasmarinas branch that Alex Gonzaga's book is already available at the store. You have no idea how excited I was!
        I told myself I have to be there early because it might run out of stock. I got to the SM at exactly 9:45 am! Haha!
        I was able to try Jollibee's Pancake Sandwich and it was delicious!
Pancake Sandwich & Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burger
        I was quite disappointed with the look of the sandwich and thought it wouldn't taste good but I was wrong! The pancake really tastes good and partnering it with cheese, bacon & egg makes it more delicious! I swear, you go to eat try this!
        I hope they can offer a bigger serving though. It was not enough to make me burp.
        Have you tried it? What can you say about it?

        I have just resigned from a blogger's group because I believe I have to distance myself from people who pulls me down. Some people would say I should face them and prove to them they can't do that to me. But why would you prove that to them when in the first place, all they're after is pulling you down?

        Besides, I will not surround myself with people who can't be firm with their words. I will not surround myself with people who won't appreciate what I do. And I will not tolerate those people who would insist I'm wrong when it's clear that I'm in the right track.

        So if there's one thing I would advise you to do... do the same. Stay away from those bad vibes people. Don't let their miserable lives affect you.     

        Yesterday, my friend Jomar and I went to the National Museum. Because they are celebrating their anniversary, there was a free admission until October 31. I'm just not sure when it started.

        It was my first time to visit since I didn't grow up in the Philippines. It was a dream come true to finally see the Spolarium painting.
        I've always believed in angels; not the ones flying above the blue cloudy sky but the ones that live within each one of us. A proof of this is the video below. 

Today, I'm off to the National Museum with some college batch mates. This will be my first time to go there since I didn't grew up here in the Philippines unlike the others who were able to go there on their school trips.


        Two words. A common phrase. Taught to us as early as 3 years old. But why do we forget to use this phrase nowadays?

        When did you last thank someone? Did you thank that guard who helped you safely cross the street? Or the driver of the UV express who helped you reach your destination on time? Did you thank the bagger of the supermarket who ensured your grocery items were packed properly? Did you thank the waiter or waitress for serving you what you needed & wanted?

        We often forget to thank other people because we subconciously think it's their job to serve us; that they are paid to serve us. We forget that even though they are employed or paid to satisfy our needs, they deserve to be recognized.

        Let's learn to appreciate the little things other people do for us even though it's their job. The fact that they are serving us with their very best is already something worth appreciating and definitely worthy of the two words... THANK YOU.

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Whenever I go to bazaars, I really do my research. I search which shops will have a booth for that event and what are their items so I have a fair idea of what to buy and what to check.

I usually want to go on the first day of bazaars so the stocks are full and there are still less people shopping. I don't want to go to bazaars during weekends (especially if its pay day)... too much crowd!

But last week, I wasn't able to go early for the Trendsetter's bazaar because I have other things to do that day and the following day. I was only able to go on their last day.

Before heading to the bazaar, I was checking their hash tags and posts from the Trendsetter's Team Instagram account (@trendsettersteam). I saw this particular post and it got me interested.

        This is the watch (and its packaging) I bought from Love Hope Faith group in the Trendsetter's Bazaar last October 19, 2014 at the World Trade Center.

        They call this the Life Saver Watch which only costs Php 200 or roughly $5. There are other colors available. You can check my next post for it.
        Who doesn't know or love Tic Tac? But there's this particular part of this Tic Tac that I never knew about until I saw it from my Facebook feed.

An open letter to the Cocolife agents/staff in SM Dasmarinas & SM Bacoor
I understand that it is your job to approach people coming inside or going outside the mall but please, when the person signs that he or she is not interested, learn to back off! Don't touch or hold people's arms while telling them to look and listen to you. Yes, I used the term tell instead of ask because at the beginning, you've already asked them but showed no interest so the second time you speak to them about listening to you is, I believe, no longer a form of asking but as if demanding them to do so.

        As we all know, J.CO and Krispy Kreme are tight competitors. And I believe that because of this competition, people were drawn towards the brands. People wanted to know what the fuzz is about so they'll eventually purchase, try and compare the products of these two brands.

        The fuzz have reached the provinces causing consumers to want these brands too. But because these brands do not have that much branches in most of the provinces, consumers only get to taste these from pasalubongs.

        I don't really watch teleserye and I don't watch Korean telenovelas that's why I'm not so familiar with the story of Two Wives.

The new teleserye in ABS-CBN is the Filipino adaptation of the Two Wives Korean telenovela. I've heard it's got a good story but never really watched an episode because I don't like watching dubbed scenes and as stated earlier, I'm not a fan of teleseryes.

But I got to watch the trailer of Two Wives and it really got me interested.

        As early as 25 years old, I have wrinkles. I often have pimple problems and I don't have a good set of teeth to begin with. But I know that even though I have so many imperfections, I could still be a beautiful person... it just takes the right people to see it.

        Each one of us are beautiful in our own ways. God never made anything ugly. That's why we are called God's masterpiece, remember?

        Today, I went to Makati to enroll for the Certificate in Fashion Marketing in SoFA Design Institute.
Photo grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
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        I was reminded of the PAWS Volunteer Orientation when I used the hashtag #AdoptStrayCats a few minutes ago because I posted this photo of Barako/Mingming in my Instagram account.
        I've always wanted to volunteer however, Quezon City is a bit too far for me and before, I didn't have enough time. But now, I'm decided to attend and really volunteer. I want to officially advocate the adoption of stray cats & dogs.

         Have you ever mistaken the 1,000 pesos new paper bill as the 100 pesos new paper bills? Well, you're not alone!
        A lot have also made a mistake probably because this two bills have a similar color. In situations which requires quick payments, there's really a high possibility that one would mistaken the bill as the other bill.

        As I was cleaning my closet the other day, I saw my floral jumper shorts. I bought this from a thrift store (ukay ukay) somewhere around Cavite. Used this once on my flight to Singapore.

        When you're asked to shoot a darts board with a dart, do you just aim for the bulls? I used to do that too.
Photo credits to wikiHow
        I didn't also know about the darts game. I used to think you only hit the red circle in the middle. I thought whoever gets to shoot the bulls is the winner. But last night, as I was in our neighbor's garage with some of my dad's friends, I understood the darts game.
Photo credits to owner.
        As a blogger, of course I want to have followers or at least readers. I'm pretty sure other bloggers would like that too.
        I tried to find a community where I would see, meet and interact with other Philippine bloggers but it was hard finding one. So I thought of making a community of bloggers in Facebook.