Alex Gonzaga's Book

Oct 30, 2014

        I received a text message last night from the National Bookstore SM Dasmarinas branch that Alex Gonzaga's book is already available at the store. You have no idea how excited I was!
        I told myself I have to be there early because it might run out of stock. I got to the SM at exactly 9:45 am! Haha!
        When I got there, well, I was the first customer of National Bookstore. It was the first thing I searched for. It wasn't so hard to find because it was posted in the second or third display bookshelf.
        I bought four copies: one (1) for myself, one (1) for my most loved cousin sister Eya and the rest two (2) copies I'm thinking to give away for those living in the provinces because I know the copies of this book hard reach them. I'll make another announcement for this soon.
        I'm very excited to read this book. I have scanned through the book and already read some of the quotes and I love them!
        As soon as I'm done, I'll share with you guys my thoughts about this book. I have a feeling I would be able to finish this book either over the weekend (or earlier).
        Have you read this book? What's your review about it? Share your thoughts about this book in the comment box (disqus) below.

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