Letter to Cocolife Agents

Oct 23, 2014

An open letter to the Cocolife agents/staff in SM Dasmarinas & SM Bacoor
I understand that it is your job to approach people coming inside or going outside the mall but please, when the person signs that he or she is not interested, learn to back off! Don't touch or hold people's arms while telling them to look and listen to you. Yes, I used the term tell instead of ask because at the beginning, you've already asked them but showed no interest so the second time you speak to them about listening to you is, I believe, no longer a form of asking but as if demanding them to do so.
Don't get mad and insult the person once they turned you down. I remember seeing one of the female staff approached a woman who said no to her. After the woman turned her back to the agent, the agent murmured "Arte naman! Akala mo maganda." If this is the kind of attitude you have as an employee, how do you think people would trust you or the company? When just at the thought of saying no to you, you could quickly say bad things against people?
I have nothing against gays because I myself have gay friends but there's this gay employee who I find really rude and who can't seem to accept rejection. He approached me several times already and I keep telling him I'm not interested. He would give me a sarcastic look. Then one time, I saw someone reject him too and when the person was a few yards away, he turned his back and said, "Edi wag!" The tone was just so rude.
I'm a marketing graduate and I'm a short-tempered person too. So I don't apply or accept job offers that involves personal contact with customers for I know I won't be able to do my job well or perform my best. So I suggest that you, as agents, assess yourself.
Don't just do your jobs. Do your jobs properly! Respect the choice of the person when he or she chooses to say no to what you have to say. Most especially, respect the personal space of the person you're approaching. Don't pinch them as if they are your super close friends. Be professional for your company's sake!

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