Officially Enrolled in SOFA Design Institute

Oct 20, 2014

        Today, I went to Makati to enroll for the Certificate in Fashion Marketing in SoFA Design Institute.
Photo grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
        I decided to enroll because I want to learn more about fashion. I believe that this certificate course will bring additional knowledge and would help me with my online business.
Photo grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
        I thought I'd be lost finding the school but because I've been in this place before when I applied with Payless, it was much easier to move around. If you're coming from the south, whether you're taking the MRT train or the bus, simply get off the Buendia MRT station and cross to the other side (McDonald's). Just walk along that pathway or ask the traffic enforcers/guards around the area which direction is the ENZO Bldg. It's about 5 minutes walk from McDonald's.
Photo grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
         When I got there, it was already lunch time so I had to wait. I waited in their lobby. It was already their sem-break so I didn't see any student hanging around the school premises but I did get to see the rooms and other parts of the school. It's not the typical big school you have in mind; they're just located in the entire ground floor of the building but the places looks very professional.

Photo grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
        When the admissions office opened, I was entertained by a lady they call Dawn. I'm just not sure if that's how her name is spelt but anyway, she was very accommodating... actually everyone there was very nice unlike the other school registar's I've been too.
        The enrollment took just a few minutes. My time of travel from & to home is actually longer than the time I spent in their admissions office. Haha!
        I was told that my classes starts on November 5. I can't wait! I'm super excited!

Photos grabbed from SOFA Design Institute's Facebook page
        If you want to learn more about their programs, you may visit their website. You can request the full details of the program or course you're interested in through this request form and they'll be contacting you after a day or two. You can talk to them via email; no need to go to their office... less hassle! I just had to go there so I would know where it's located.

        After my enrollment, I had to go to Erim Express to ship the packages I was not able to ship last Saturday.

        My day was full of riding & getting off public transportations and walking. It's very tiring but I'm happy that I'm now officially a student of SoFA Design Institute. I feel like I'm step-by-step achieving my dreams.

        By the way, this was the outfit I chose to wear today:

Red striped cropped top: Greenlane Shop | @ilovegreenlaneshop
Leather like high-waist pants: H&M
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Gift from our neighbour for my graduation day
Chocker: Mel Accessories@mel_accessories
Wrist Watch: Love Hope Faith
 photo lovelots2_zps7e3fefa1.jpg
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