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Oct 2, 2014

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        As a blogger, of course I want to have followers or at least readers. I'm pretty sure other bloggers would like that too.
        I tried to find a community where I would see, meet and interact with other Philippine bloggers but it was hard finding one. So I thought of making a community of bloggers in Facebook.
        The page intends to help bloggers gain readers & audience for their blogs and serve as a community where bloggers and readers would interact with each other, make friends and learn from one another's experiences.
        I'm always excited to know good blogs just waiting to be discovered. And it feels great to be discovered too, right?
        So if you have a blog, feel free to post your links there or if you have a favorite or if you know a good blog but only few knows it, feel free to post the link and share it to us!
        Let's connect and make friends!
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