Oct 6, 2014

        When you're asked to shoot a darts board with a dart, do you just aim for the bulls? I used to do that too.
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        I didn't also know about the darts game. I used to think you only hit the red circle in the middle. I thought whoever gets to shoot the bulls is the winner. But last night, as I was in our neighbor's garage with some of my dad's friends, I understood the darts game.
        They taught me of the scoring. They taught me how to properly hold a darts pin. They basically showed me how fun it is to play darts.

        I learned that a player or a team must shoot a number three (3) times. The numbers would be from 12 to 20. The other numbers are just a distraction. When you hit the outer circle (the one's with the red or green color), it's a double point. If you hit the inner circle (same colors as mentioned earlier), you get a triple point. So if you hit the inner red of a number, you can close that number in your dart's scoring board. But if you only shot the inner black or inner white of the number, you only get 1 point.
        You can also check this link for the How to Play Darts tutorial.
        Before, I find darts a boring game. But I learned that if you play it with the right people, those that are really fun to be with, it's a game you'd enjoy.
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