Tic Tac Strawberry Fields + A Discovery

Oct 25, 2014

        Who doesn't know or love Tic Tac? But there's this particular part of this Tic Tac that I never knew about until I saw it from my Facebook feed.

        Even when I was a kid, I've always seen this part on the packaging but never really paid attention. I never also wondered what it was for but because of that particular post in Facebook which link I forgot to save, I now know it's purpose.

        It was meant to hold the Tic Tac when you're getting one out of the packaging. I have tried it several times and it was actually cute to watch. Buy a Tic Tac and try it yourself.

        It was also my first time to taste the Tic Tac Strawberry Fields and I'm not that satisfied with the taste. This is visually enticing and smells very nice too! But it doesn't have that strong strawberry taste unlike the Orange Tic Tac which you can really taste the orange.

        The darker pink color tastes better than the light pink. I tried to check the real flavor of the light pink from their website and it says there that this is a strawberry and cream candy. So I guess you have to take both - the light & dark pink together. When I tried it, I still wasn't so satisfied with the taste. I can taste the mint and the cream but not much of the strawberry. Quite disappointing actually. 

        For me, nothing beats the Original (freshmint) & Orange Tic Tac flavors. But it's good to know Tic Tac's trying to offer other flavors here in the Philippines. I hope they could improve taste of this Strawberry Fields; less of the cream and more of the strawberry.
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