Unauthorized Dealers/Distributors: Be Careful!

Oct 23, 2014

        As we all know, J.CO and Krispy Kreme are tight competitors. And I believe that because of this competition, people were drawn towards the brands. People wanted to know what the fuzz is about so they'll eventually purchase, try and compare the products of these two brands.

        The fuzz have reached the provinces causing consumers to want these brands too. But because these brands do not have that much branches in most of the provinces, consumers only get to taste these from pasalubongs.

        Some consumers realized the demand so they sell these items to their family and friends or whoever is interested to buy from them. What they do is buy it in bulk from one of the branches and sell it for a higher price. Though technically, it still increases the sale of the brands/companies but it messes up the inventory system of these companies.

        I'm no accountant but I know for a fact that the stocks or inventory of every business is based on the forecast demand and/or the projected sales from the past month/s. If the figures changes occasionally (depending on how many orders a seller's got), it will bring problem to the branches these sellers buy from.

        I'm not so sure with other provinces but I've seen a lot of people doing this in Batangas. It's publicly done through Facebook. I personally know some people working for these companies (marketing team) and have asked them if they knew about this and said that they do not know about their so-called "resellers". These sellers should watch out for necessary sanctions these companies will be giving them.

        So if you, a family member or someone you know is selling these doughnuts without proper recognition or command from the companies, advise them to be careful and be ready.

        There's nothing wrong in making money but just be sure you're not violating anything.

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