What's in my bag today?

Oct 28, 2014

Today, I'm off to the National Museum with some college batch mates. This will be my first time to go there since I didn't grew up here in the Philippines unlike the others who were able to go there on their school trips.

Anyway, in my tour today, here's what's inside my bag:
  • Digicam (it's advisable you bring a compact digital camera especially if you're just commuting)
  • Wallet (do I still have to explain this?)
  • Phone charger & earphones (I always bring my phone chargers because for some reason, the battery life of my iPhone isn't that long anymore)
  • Power Banks (a back-up if I can't find a power socket
  • Hand Sanitizer (we have to be used to using hand sanitizer because we hold different things every day and we have no idea how much bacteria is has)
  • Lipstick, Powder & Perfume (just some typical female beauty must-haves)
  • Notebook & pen (when I go to tours, I always bring these to take down notes so I can have a copy of the details to blog)
  • Umbrella (rain or sunny, you need something to protect you)
  • A book to read (as a commuter from the province to the city, I always need a book to keep me company)
  • Selfie pod, phone lenses & remote (because this trip will be with some friends, these are needed to help us capture the moments)
  • Sunnies (to protect your eyes from the sun)
Got to go! I'll be meeting my batch mates in one of the Municipalities of my area and I'm hoping to taste this bacon pancake sandwich from Jollibee.

Photo grabbed from Jollibee's Facebook page
Talk to you guys later! Feel free to follow me on Instagram & Twitter (both @louisechelle) for the snapshots of my trip today.

Have a great day everyone!


How about you? What's in your bag today?


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