When was the last time you said thank you?

Oct 27, 2014


        Two words. A common phrase. Taught to us as early as 3 years old. But why do we forget to use this phrase nowadays?

        When did you last thank someone? Did you thank that guard who helped you safely cross the street? Or the driver of the UV express who helped you reach your destination on time? Did you thank the bagger of the supermarket who ensured your grocery items were packed properly? Did you thank the waiter or waitress for serving you what you needed & wanted?

        We often forget to thank other people because we subconciously think it's their job to serve us; that they are paid to serve us. We forget that even though they are employed or paid to satisfy our needs, they deserve to be recognized.

        Let's learn to appreciate the little things other people do for us even though it's their job. The fact that they are serving us with their very best is already something worth appreciating and definitely worthy of the two words... THANK YOU.

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