Bih-Zahr RestoBar: A New Place to Dine & Party Harder

Nov 19, 2014

Out of the ordinary, but budget friendly

Bih-Zahr (read as bizarre) RestoBar a cozy restaurant during the day and a hip-hop, rock and rainbow haven in the night. Located at No. 6 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. You’ve probably been asking yourself what’s with the name, Bih-Zahr? It’s because they are not your average RestoBar.  It offers a wide variety of promos and group bundle of food and drink that is very light on the pocket.

Their Menu is usual, but it is unforgettable

Their menu offers an extensive variety of great food and cocktails for everyone’s taste. To name a few of what we offer on their menu like Sinuglaw, Pork Sisig, Sisig Pizza, Fish and Chips, Gambas, Nachos, Beef Salpicao, Steak, Chili Fingers and Dynamite. Their Chef would recommend you to try their Pancit Bihon and Pancit Guisado, it may sound that you already have tasted it a gazillion time, but when you taste their Pancit you can say “This is it!”. They also offer a wide variety of cocktails for ladies and mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol and on the rocks drink like rum and whiskey.

Bih-Zahr RestoBar offers a week of different activities starting with:

  • Monday Blues were all the music is soothing to the ears that will relax you.
  • CHOOSEday’s Ladies Night, all ladies will get one (1) free cocktail upon entering and ladies will rock the night away.
  • Throwback Wednesday, turn back time as they en route you to the sound of the 80’s.
  • THIRSTday Pride, a night filled with laughter from our LGBT invited friends.
  • Frieday Rock, they will rock until you drop. 
  • Saturday Hip-hop, lots of scratching and DJing.

The have relaunched Bih-Zahr RestoBar last November 8, 2014. They will also launch new promos and barkada bundles that are below P1,000.

Jam with them on Social Media:

Twitter: @bsrestobar
Instagram: @bzrestobar
hashtag: #bzrestobar #bihzahrultrabar
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