Book Review: Dear Alex, break na kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine

Nov 2, 2014

        As I said in my previous post, I would be able to finish this book before the weekend ends. This was such an easy-read book as it was written in Tag-lish. The delivery of words and construction of sentences are as if Alex Gonzaga herself is just speaking in front of you; very friendly approach.
        Personally, I would rate this book 5 stars. It was a very good and entertaining read for someone who might be going through a heartache or for someone who has been there.

        I expected it to be humorous like how we usually see Alex Gonzaga on TV but as I was reading the book, though there were bits of humor included, this book seemed to be a serious guide book for those trying to move on or at least planning to do so.

        I'm not heart broken or whatsoever. I honestly bought book because of the hype. I wanted to know for myself what's inside the book. And as I was reading through, it makes me smile because I've gone through all that. It's funny to realize I had to go through six (6) heart aches before I've learned the lesson. How I wish Alex Gonzaga wrote this book way earlier. Haha!

Should you buy this book?
        YES! Even if you're not heart broken and you have great relationship, I know you'll need this book. Maybe not for yourself but for someone who might need it like your sister or cousin sister, your friend or even just a Facebook friend always ranting how much it hurts. Lend them this book so they'll be able to find encouragement.

        Let's admit it, most heart broken people are hard headed. They would listen but they won't follow your advises. I believe that lending them this book and allowing them to read it alone for them to absorb all that Alex Gonzaga wrote here would eventually help them; would eventually lessen the burden. Besides, it's just Php 175 in National Bookstores.

What I learned from the book?

        As I've said, I've gone through all that already (referring to break-up do's & don'ts). It was like I was reminded of what I have done in the past to become who I am today - strong, happy and independent lady.

        But there's also two things that Alex Gonzaga reminded me of: 1) Relationship with God 2) Delete the pictures of the past relationships.

        I'm the type of person who really holds onto memories especially pictures because to me, it serves as a souvenir of the memories/moments of my life with them. Reading the book made me realize I have to let go of the albums full of pictures of me and my exes and probably just keep few of them. Why? I wouldn't want my future boyfriend/future husband to look through my external drive and find those pictures. I guess, though I have moved on, it's something I forgot to do. To me now, it's not to help me move on but to give space to new memories. 

        As for my relationship to God, I'm really not the religious type; you know, those who reads the Bible everyday or pray regularly. But I believe in God and His power as our Creator. I guess that's also one thing I forgot to do. I forgot to thank Him for giving me strength to go through all those pain & sleepless nights. Thanks to Alex for making me realize how important it is to have a relationship with the Lord.


        Some teenagers label this book as "Break up Survival Book" but for me, it's more than that. It's not just to help heart broken people know how to move on but it's an encouragement for them to embrace the process of moving on; that's okay to cry, feel pain, etc because it's a part of it.

        I know, and as Alex stated in the book too, that we all have our own ways how to move on. But the things she wrote in the book are the basics. Some of her advises might not work for you but eventually, you'll find your own solutions. I believe we know ourselves better than anyone else so we will know what will or how we will help ourselves cope with the situation.

        I have so many favorite lines in her book but this is my top favorite:
"Life goes on as it should."

        And that's what I'll leave you guys with. 

        If you've read the book, what's your favorite line or quote from Alex Gonzaga? Or what are your thoughts about the book? Feel free to share it  below. 

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