BW Photo Challenge: Day 2

Nov 11, 2014

The Story

        This was taken in Baclaran (Paranaque, Metro Manila) overpass. I was about to cross the street through the overpass when these two kids approached me and asked me for coins. Instead of giving them money, I bought some bread from the nearby street vendor and gave it to this two. I think they were siblings.

        I bought my softdrink and when I turned to them, I saw & heard the boy speaking to his sister, "Ako na ang maghahati ha para meron pa tayong matira hanggang mamayang gabi." (I'll be the one to divide this so that we would still have something until tonight. )

        I took this shot just before I got went up the stairs. He was already feeding his sister. I wanted to buy them more but some other street beggars (the older ones) were strangely looking at me already so I hurried up the stairs. Baclaran is one of those places in Manila with high crime rates.
        As I was rushing, I heard the little boy scream, "Teh! Salamat ulit ha!" (Sister! Thanks again!" The boy never forgot to thank me. And it feels good to hear those words.

        When you see kids on the street asking for money, and you don't want to give them money because you feel/think they could be under some crime syndicate, then I suggest you don't give them money. Instead, give them something to eat or drink. Some kids would ask your drink even if it's almost finished. We don't know when was the last time he was able to drink a clean or tasteful beverage so share the drink with the kid.
        Don't let the cruelty of other people restrain your generosity.

        Just like the other post, I nominate whoever reads this. You can choose to join or not. But I'd love it if you'd do. And if you do join, don't forget to comment below the links to your posts so we could all see it too.
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