BW Photo Challenge : Day 3

Nov 12, 2014

The Story
        I joined the photo walk in Malabon and as we were walking around the place, I saw this boy crossing the water. I was wondering where he came from and I noticed there was this very little old closed boat not far from where I took this shot. I thought he came there because kids play there but when he reached where we stand, he ran to the nearby sari-sari store to buy some instant noodles and headed back to the boat which made me assumed he lives there with his family.

        This boy (and his family) crosses the water using those styrofoam stuck together to float. They live in an abandoned boat and they can only afford one pack of instant noodles. Though I don't know if these are accurate but based on what I saw and what I think, I realized how blessed I am. I realized that I have more than enough in my life.
        Whenever I'm being a spoiled brat, you know when I have tantrums just because I didn't get what I wanted, I think about these kids. I think how they might not have a proper shoe to wear or have a decent meal in a day. So I have no right to go all crazy just because I didn't get to buy the latest iPhone 6 or go crazy because the wifi is acting up.
        We have to be constantly reminded that not everyone is as fortunate as us. We also have to appreciate what have before it becomes what we had.

        Just like the other post, I nominate whoever reads this. You can choose to join or not. But I'd love it if you'd do. And if you do join, don't forget to comment below the links to your posts so we could all see it too.
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