BW Photo Challenge : Day 4

Nov 13, 2014


The Story

        Would you believe that this was taken using my old Nokia 6300? Yes, it was seated in front of the jeepney and we were stuck in traffic. Out of boredom, I took this photo using the negative setting or filter of the phone's camera. Yes! You've hear it right! I used the negative setting to give this very crisp black & white effect of my subject. By the way, it was a sunny afternoon when I took this photo. How cool right?


        This was just take out of boredom but whenever I see this photo, it's makes my heartbeat faster probably because it's got the gloomy feel. It's like darkness is overpowering the heavens as if it's going to bring a strong storm. But when you look closely, the left side of the tower is much brighter than the right.

        I guess it's just how things are. When there's darkness, light will follow next. And when we try to connect it to our lives, we will always have those dark moments; you know, those problems, suffering, pain, etc. But that should never stop us from looking forward the light or the brighter side of our lives. Because God will never keep us in darkness.


        Just like the other post, I nominate whoever reads this. You can choose to join or not. But I'd love it if you'd do. And if you do join, don't forget to comment below the links to your posts so we could all see it too.

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