BW Photo Challenge : Day 5

Nov 14, 2014

The Story
        This was taken in the so-called zigzag road going to Batangas, a province in the Philippines. My friend was actually looking at the scenery but then I saw this house and decided to take a shot.
        When we were on the way home, I was looking through my camera's gallery and eventually loved this shot. This is my favorite among my black & white photographs.
Digiprint Contest
        A school mate messaged me in Facebook to like his entry for the 5th Capture the Moment Photo Contest by Digiprint Philippines. After helping him, I checked the mechanics and asked him if I could join also. He encouraged me and so I sent this photo.
        I was one of the last participants to send in the entries. I only had about less than 5 days to gather votes (likes). For two consecutive days, I tried to ask family, friends and their friends to help me win but because I'm way too late, I didn't expect it anymore. The others had like thousands of likes already while I only had about less than a hundred.

        When I got hom from school, I opened my Facebook just to check my notifications and I was surprised to get a lot of messages & wall posts. I was scared my account was hacked. But when I opened them, I saw messages of congratulations. I won!
        I'm a second (2nd) placer for the 5th Capture the Moment Photo Contest by Digiprint! It was surreal! I mean, how did I win when my votes were low! I checked my email and saw the criteria of judging and their confirmation (that I did win). The composition or concept of the photo had a larger percentage compared to the like votes so that brought my entry up to the top 5. Upon carefully studying the image, I made it to the 2nd place!
        I won a tripod, a camera kit bag, a printed copy of my entry and a Digiprint gift certificate of, I think it was a thousand pesos (or more). I really didn't care of the prizes, I was more happy to know I won and that the judges actually loved this photo.
Poverty on the Edge
        This was the title of  my entry. The picture obviously justifies the title but for me, it's just a representation of poverty in the Philippines. There are more houses like this. They may be living on the edge of a mountain too. But some, who may not be living at the edge of a mountain, but living at the edge of life itself.
        So when I won, after a few months, I went back to the same area to find this house so I could share something to them however, the house was no longer there. Most of the houses weren't there anymore. I think they were relocated by the government.
        Winning the contest motivated me to believe in my photography skill; that I can win even if I didn't have much vote.
        Looking at this photo reminds me of how blessed & fortunate; that it's not enough to just look at them and feel sorry for them. We have to do something to help them out.
        So I encourage each one of you, if you find someone who is having a very hard life, help them out. Wouldn't you want to receive the same help if you were in their shoes? 
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