First time in The Backyard Food Truck Community

Nov 5, 2014

Last night, I was able to visit The Backyard Food Truck Community. I have been seeing posts about this place in Facebook and Instagram which made me curious. Through the photos, I never really understood the set of up of the place until I got there.

Last night's visit was not planned. We were actually at Starbucks. I was getting the photos of our National Museum trip from Jomar. When Ate Mona, a good friend, came to meet us too, we decided to grab dinner. I just suggested TBFTC because I've always wanted t to go there and I was very happy when they agreed.

FugoWagon Food Truck
There were only three (3) food trucks open when we got there. Since it was our (Ate Mona and I) first time to be there, it took as a while to decide which food to avail. We ended up buying from FugoWagon Food Truck.

Chorizo Paella - FugoWagon
Creamy Bacon Carbonara - FugoWagon
Seafood ala Marinara - FugoWagon

We bought Seafood ala Marinara (mine), Chorizo Paella (Ate Mona's) & Creamy Bacon Carbonara (Jomar's). The Chorizo Paella was worth Php180 and both the Carbonara & Marinara costs Php160 each. Drinks were not yet included. We bought our drinks from the coffee shop where the artworks were displayed.

Only a few people were there so the place was very nice to hang out in. We sat outside the coffee shop because the coffee shop wasn't air-conditioned.

We saw these cats caged because according the coffee shop owner, the cats usually go under the tables and customers are usually annoyed so they provided a cage where they place stray cats while they are still open. This is also to avoid them from being ran over by trucks and customer vehicles. They release the cats once the trucks & other vehicles are gone.

I enjoyed our stay in TBFTC. I just hope in that in our next visit, there would be more food trucks to choose from. I will definitely come back!
The Backyard Food Truck Community

Opens at 4 pm until 11pm - Tuesdays to Sundays
Location: Km. 30 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway corner N. Guevarra
DasmariƱas, Cavite (almost across David's Tea House)
Contact No.: (046) 416 2458
Twitter: @backyardftc
Instagram: @thebackyardftc

*Parking area & restrooms are found at the back of the location.
You can check their Facebook page for posts announcing
which food trucks will be at the location for the day.


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