Jewelmer: Representing a World of Rarity and Enduring Elegance

Nov 18, 2014

        Yesterday, November 17, 2014, we, students of SoFA Design Institute and a few other individuals were given the opportunity to know more about The Pearl. The talk was hosted by Mr. Jacques Branellec, the Chief Executive Officer of Jewelmer Joaillerie.
        Mr. Jacques started the talk explaining a little bit of his background and sharing his life lessons. He then started speaking about the South Sea Pearl; the only living gem born out of a living organism.

        He also explained what a Pearl Farming is and what they do there. I will no longer go into details of the process (you can check here for an overview) but just a few points I would like to share:
  • It takes 5 years to grow an oyster
  • Pearls are the softest and feminine gem
  • The Pearl Farm is found in Palawan
  • Three (3) factors that affect the production of the Pearl: Human, Environmental & Shell
  • They have the TLC Philosophy (Tender Loving Care)
  • The golden Pearl can only be found or produced in the Philippines
  • Baroque shape is the hardest or most challenging to design
  • No two pearls are precisely alike
  • South Sea Pearls are the largest in the world: diameter ranges from 8mm to 11mm and as big as 16mm to 18mm on average
        After explaining the process, Mr. Jacques introduced to use what exactly Jewelmer is and what their company goals are.
*Note: The following information is from the brochure they handed out to us after the event.
        Jewelmer is a pioneer pearl producer that has successfully cultivated pearls with a rich, natural golden color. Through decades of research and biotechnology, Jewelmer has perfected the breeding process that produces golden-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters capable of growing large, lustrous, golden pearls. This deep gold color is characteristic of the South Sea pearls produced in the Philippines.
        Honestly, I've never really appreciated the high-end jewelries because I find them too pricey but now, understanding the process justified it. It made me want to own one for myself because it is indeed a product of great effort, patience and love.
        Though their market is the AB market, I know that they could also capture the C market if only these market would be educated of the process and how much compassion each and everyone of them put to produce such rare and elegant jewelry pieces. 
        It's also inspiring how Jewelmer understand, acknowledge & addresses the needs of the pearl and the community their in. They have specific sustainable activities such as marine protected zones, solar energy, alternative livelihood, education, medical missions and they also serve as the coast guard in the area.
        They have also established the Save Palawan Seas Foundation "The goal was to provide alternative sources of income in coastal communities, through which people could earn money without hurting the environment. The foundation also hoped to help formulate long-term conservation and management strategies for the province’s marine resources, so as to ensure a better life for everyone who depended on the sea to survive." (excerpt from WhenInManila)
        Mr. Jacques ended the talk by encouraging the future designers in our school to uplift our country through the designs or whatever career we are headed to and help them promote the same.
Know more about them through their:
Twitter & Instagram: @Jewelmer


        What do you think of these pearls? Would you purchase one too? If yes, why? Let me hear your thoughts! Share them on the Disqus comment box below.
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