#LivingTheFashionDream: First day of my CFM Class

Nov 6, 2014

        Yesterday was my first day at SoFA Design Institute. I thought I will be late, lucky I was just in time.
        I had mixed emotions - excited & nervous at the same time. I was very excited to what the class will be like and nervous because most of the students are English speaking! Hahahaha!!!
        I must admit, I kind of felt out of place because the students REALLY dress well! But thanks to Jean, Michael & Danie for making me feel comfortable. Yehey! I have new friends!!!
        Most of my classmates are taking the degree courses. Those who are taking the certificate like me are currently employees.
        Our professor, Ms. Nela San Jose is one of the few prettiest teachers I've seen and met! She's like a model!
        The first lecture didn't excite me much because it's was about the basics of marketing which I already know. But when we had a class activity about the Capsule Collection, I had so much fun. I was grouped with my newly found friends and I believe we worked well together.
        We were asked to do this:

        We chose Soak Swimwear as our brand and Boom Sason as the designer. And we came up with this:

        I was happy to be grouped with talented people. They were very good with designs & sketches. I seriously need to do a lot of research, readings & practice sketches! I want to contribute more next time.
Photo credits to Danie
        Overall, I'm really happy with my first day. Looking forward the next class because we will have our first project which will be about Luxury Marketing Advertising. Yaaay!

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